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November 3, 2011

UPDATE ON MRS. BOUCHARD – NO REAL NEWS – Is this GOOD? I don’t think so!

Very soon I am going to post a video message about what I am hearing on Mrs. Bouchards loan modification.   I want everyone to know I am looking for a” winning situation”.  I feel there has to be a positive resolve for our community in what seems to be a problem with a common sense resolution.

If the community  has to start raising money we will do what we can to help.  I have had many requests to hear from Mrs. Bouchard and I can not do that yet, but with the help of American Banker I will give you a link to their Video Interview.   Just click on the link below.   The woman in the picture is Kate Berry the reporter that has been following this story for months.


George Kenner, Broker Associate. Keller Williams Realty

4700 Spring Street Suite 101, La Mesa Ca. 91942

Mrs. Bouchard is now posted on CHANGE.ORG please sign the petition to help her!

See the Traffic a Petition can Bring!… Watch this Video to see and get the latest, the plan in changing.

Secret message to Mrs. Kalabash


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