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December 27, 2011

And I sell homes 2…. Fighting for Short Sale Sellers is just part of the job.

Of  course representing Sellers in a short sale is only successful if  buyers can be found for the house that is being sold, and then Bank approves the transaction. We are finding  more and more the Banks are insisting that full advertising campaigns be put in place.   On this issue I happen to agree.  Videos, Virtual Tours, Open Houses and lots of photos in the MLS  have their place.   Cheap selling homes does no one any good.  I think (hope) the “equity vacuum” should comes to an end soon. Losing money on a home is no fun for anyone.   While other are staying on the same old advertising course  the Brokers Group is expanding their  influence by using state of the art marketing.   Here is just a little sample of what we are doing.

George Kenner, Broker Associate  – Keller Williams Realty, La Mesa  CA. 919142  619-723-5714  Ca. Lic.# 01229951

Marketing Assistance provided by Kalabash Marketing, Good Night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

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December 18, 2011

We as a team are expanding… Time to leverage the Luxury Home Short Sales that we do!

It is not new to anyone that even the wealthy are not faring well in the current economy.  Luxury home owners need help and are finding that if they work with the bank to avoid a foreclosure they are often treated with more respect and co-operation.   The overall economy is not the fault of the general citizenry of this country.  Very few people saw this coming.  Even I lost a lot of equity in my home and I have been in Banking and related Real Estate industry for over 22 years now.

Please enjoy this intro video for a new website we are launching to serve the needs of our community.  We can and often do this type of special promotion for luxury short sales.   If we can help you in any way, we are never more than just a phone call away.  The Broker Group stands ready to help you however we can.

George Kenner Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty, 4700 Spring Street La Mesa, Ca. 91942  619-723-5714

All marketing done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing.  Good Night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are!

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December 5, 2011

HELP … A NEW LOGO… And News on Mrs. Bouchard

Distractions from life can end up leading back to a point of focus.  Take Mrs. Bouchard and Cody.  Mrs. Bouchard can not even leave her home to ask for help on a street corner and this was driving me to think no one was ever going to be fair.  Enter a distraction, my new hobbie of video editing , I always wanted to be a film maker and in this new computer world that is closer to being possible.

Hang with me for a minute, I am going somewhere with this.  Just as I lose all faith in anyone doing the right thing, someone “surprises” me.   Enter Cody , he is a video artist that made  a template, that I purchased from a third party agent.  When  I purchased it arrived in the  wrong format.  I reached out and asked for help and Cody who  is on the other side of the country worked  past midnight correcting the format and even inserting the text creating the correct title.   YES, Cody went far beyond the call of duty  for me.  He made the right business move.  He was kind, polite and happy to help.   So where is that for Mrs. Bouchard?  Is there no one what can reach out and rescue her?

In the coming days, I hope to be able to announce a  broadcast interview with her.  Who knows, who could or will be in the audience?  Who could you invite?  I understand it’s only fair to share what Cody did for me.    I am only going to show the first part of my plan to move all branding to the “Brokers Group” within Keller Willians, La Mesa.  Enjoy Cody’s work.

Check out Cody, this young man knows what is right and does it!

George Kenner, Broker Associate        Phone 619-723-5714

Ca. Brokers Lic. Number 01229951

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