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February 23, 2011

Short Sales and Foreclosure should not lead to a Near Death Experience! The Sermon! and Dont forget Mrs. Kalabash and the Blue Ribbon!

I recently posted a blog comment casting out into the universe my desire to achieve two things.   Obtain a scanner for the San Diego Urban League and the other, vastly more important,  to inspire my friends at the Banks to return to the assistance of community.   I see a change in the level of  civic support from the Banks as it relates to housing.   I may be wrong but this is my impression,  and as always,  I will stake my reputation on my words.  I feel that  a line has been drawn (created by misunderstood economic circumstances ) in the sand  between, Realtors, HUD Housing Counselors and the Banks.  I believe addressing this division is a fundamental issue that has to change before our country can recover from it’s economic mire.   We have to all realize that the meals we eat come from the same table.

I quoted a story from Napoleon Hill’s book ” Think and Grow Rich” about a one million dollar dream to start a college,  and because of this, I received several e mails saying I had missed a vital point of the story.   The title of one e mail states,  Tell the whole story,  I want the Sermon, Give me your Sermon! I though to myself the Sermon?  Then I realized that Dr. Gunsaulus who needed the million dollars advertised what he wanted, he promoted his announcement, then presented his idea a week later in the sermon.   Transitioning to another thought  “I have never done a sermon” then the next link in my chain of though,  “You can do it,  and to test your idea , you  must do it.” Then I questioned “will this develop into the two things I want?”   With resolute determination  I am going to give it a try.  Consider this my sermon in a Blog – O -mentary fashion.

All  writers know the best way to approach any project is to research first, thus I looked up the word “sermon” in the dictionary.  There were two definitions and this  one  seems to suit what I am looking for  . An often lengthy and tedious speech of reproof or exhortation.

Then I realized I needed inspiration.  How could I develop the mindset necessary to achieve the emotional impact I need?  What could breath into me the impassioned feeling necessary to guide me to success?  Ah Ha, Youtube came to mind.   I listened to a few sermons, each of them from different perspectives.  If your interested, these are the presentations I watched.  (1) (2.) (3). They are from different religious approaches and then I realized, I have to consider the other side,  so to achieve balance I watched an atheist view (4). I thought about this and considered,  a lack of religious persuasion does not eliminate kindness or caring for other another, and that is what the scanner and helping the Urban League is really all about, kindness and caring.

Sometime ago, I faced what I call the triple whammy.  Three things happened in rapid succession.  One of the things  that hit me was a very close friend died from cancer.  This lead me on a path that changed the things I do.   I started reading opposed to watching television.   Treatment modalities for cancer and the power of prayer became very interesting.  While researching this I started to notice some interconnected or crossed over research.

I discovered that a new wave in medicine is looking at what we don’t know or understand, including prayer.   Oh no, I said it.  How can you say prayer without saying GOD or at least considering that?   It seemed medicine was considering taking  a  new path to solutions by asking the ultimate questions. Why are we here? What are we?  This was not happening at the University of Tiny Town, these studies and considerations are taking place a Salk Institute.  ( ESP Enigma, by Dr. Diane Hennesy Powell)

From the days of Socrates,  there has been an unanswered reverberating question.   Is there life after death and thus is there a  God?    I think there is value in reviewing  in Plato’s work “Apology”, documenting  the trial of Socrates, some 2000 plus years ago.  Plato  related  Socrates stated at his trial,  if at his death he goes to heaven , great!   If he entered is a state more restful than one without a dream he is also fine with that.  Clearly he considered  a future based upon both possible outcomes.

Back to the question, why are we here?  Recently I read a book by an Dr. Jeffery Long a radiation oncologist, titled “Evidence of the Afterlife.” Dr. Long’s work is based upon Near Death Experiences, and is approached in a very scientific manner.   He closely evaluates pro and cons and all possible scientific aspects he can see.  It’s stated we know more about near death experiences than we do cancer!  For those that would like to see Dr. Long and a few other medical doctors on this subject, I offer these links. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) When this evidence is accepted as scientifically significant, and thus determined to be true,  think how it will  shake the bedrock of philosophy and religion.  This will eliminate one of  Socrates two possible end of life outcomes.  The world will no longer be flat.  The first step of science is to consider theories possible, and then move to proof, be it positive or not.

Let’s fall back in history a little bit.  To make a point, please allow me to point to a woman who almost everyone will  know  Helen Keller.   She was the subject of the movie the “Miracle Worker”.   When interviewed  about death and heaven she stated, and I quote;

“Do you believe in life after death? ” I asked “Most certainly,” she said emphatically. “It’s no more than passing from one room to another.”    Suddenly, Helen spoke again.  Slowly and very distinctly she said. “but there’s a difference for me, you know.  Because in that other – room- I shall be able to see.” Reference page 297

OMG.  This statement made by Miss Keller some 60 years before, “Evidence of the Afterlife”  was published,  appears  to be an accurate  precognitive vision.  Was part of what Dr. Long documented known  to be true, to Helen?   When interviewing blind people who have experienced a  (rush to the light) Near Death Experience,  they state they can see!  How did Helen know this to be true? Video reference of a Blind Person noting visual abilities during an NDE (1)

It is very hard to set aside the scientific necessity to continue a search for answers, it is one of the things that makes us human.  Is not eternal life part of the basic premise of all religions?   Are we human beings or are we “Spiritual Beings” in a human existence?  I don’t know if it is worth arguing with 90 percent of the religious people on the planet who believe in their version of God.

One portion of the Near Death Experience that is very interesting is Life Review.   Just one  of the frequently recounted aspects of the NED is  that you  see your life played back.  This theme has been repeated time and time again by Hollywood.  But they leave out an aspect that I found revealed in four books. (1) (2) (3) (4) books.  The aspect that when you review  your life you empathtically feel the emotions (the whole range of emotions)  of  other people, yes, you feel your interactions from their perspective.  This could give a whole new meaning to the golden rule. Here is a, video of one person that became well know as a result of multiple near death experiences.   Life Review  is in no way is limited to this one recanted event, but Dannion Brinkly has a special way of relating the story.

So here an interesting  question.  Is  the aspect of Life Review  a scientific, religious and philosophical possibility worth considering?  Should we ask if there is any possibility that when  life ends we “Rush to the Vault” to count our assets instead of the Light,  or if we should consider more strongly the possibility that we are spiritual beings here on a quest  to perfect the human existence.  Is this a grand stage to play out the possibility we can overcome greed?  Is the real value in our human existence the small things we do for others.?  Have you heard of the “Blue Ribbon Story?” Do small things make giant differences?

As the Sermon comes to its end, and we contemplate destiny and if it can be manifest, we must realize that the absolute and truthful answer may only come when we are gone from this earthly existence.  As we ponder the aspects of  life review as related in the stories I present   should we  consider  that  now is the time to come to each others aid?  Would there not be great glee in the satisfaction of knowing we acted in good faith for others, not only now, but in our Life Review?    I believe it  entirely possible  we need not give anything more than co operation,  understanding,  and something we can not take with us to the LIGHT, a little of our earned efforts.   Earned efforts  we have expressed in man’s creation called money.  In my heart of hearts I believe we rush to the light, not the vault.

With deep gratitude, I thank you for your time and consideration of evaluating this request for help, and my unorthodox but  possibly satisfying reason to commit to helping.    Who will step forward, join us hand in hand, lead us to success?  We lack all of the resources necessary to achieve the goal without you.   Can you take the first step towards cooperation?  My hand is out stretched to you!

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Thank You Rayman Mathoda for Sharing HAFA Supplemental Directive 10-18

I want to say thank you to everyone, especially the Bankers that commented on the last few blog entries,  either by phone or in e mails.  I am very lucky to have the ear of so many people.  I know I can be off beat and I appreciate each of you being so respectful of my opinion.  I just can not stand a dull presentation of the facts.

Rayman Mathoda of being the Top HAFA Trainer in the U.S.  is someone to listen to.  She  is walking with the “Powers that Be”.




Read about Ray Here

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February 22, 2011

Realtors Go to MARS, For some this will sound to good to be true!

For some time the hucksters, flim flam men and criminals have taking advantage of home owners in distressed properties.  The Federal Trade Commission is doing what they think best in protection of the public and are issuing

16 C.F.R. Part 322: Mortgage Assistance Relief Services;

Will this protect us?  Well,  you can read the entire bill at the link above, and make your own judgment.   The Rumor Mill is saying that soon Realtors will be giving an additional disclosure to our clients advising them of this rule and the main section of the law.  Those being, and advance fee ban, Prohibited Claims (performance), and  Attorney Exemption to the rule.    When the disclosures pop into existence, I will do all I can to post one here at the blog.   MARS did I say MARS,  take a few minutes and watch the clip below.  You may find out Mars is not so far away.

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February 18, 2011

No “Room to Move” and Short Sale Wars, the Rest of my Day, and don’t forget the scanner!

Today was quite a day,  filled with activity.   I am still looking for the single unifying TOPIC that brings the “Major Banks” to understand the needs of our Community.   Yes,  I am still in search of  support  from the Banks and don’t forget the   scanner (see story below) for the HUD Counselors at the Urban League.   I think I may have made some headway with MR. B today.   We have to think with collective resolve,  to fix housing.   Should we find this resolve,  I believe the rest of economy will follow.   And if I am wrong at least we will have tried to help one another through the Urban League.   Bankers are not worried about checking accounts it’s the “Mortgage Situation” that has them scared, and the HUD Counselors are a grossly under used tool.  That is why I am using ” Willful- Conscience – Intent” to invoke providence to  give them a scanner.

In another story, today while deep in negotiations with Ana she told me there was no “room to move” she had given all she could.   This comment mentally launched me to my early adolescence.  and I thought of John Mayall.  Now that was Blues Rock!

Returning from my sojourn,  into the past,  I  pointed out to Ana’s associates, she had in fact accepted less, last time we were at the table before the buyer had to back away.  So is Ana a shark in pool of water,  where blood was just dropped in?   Well my daddy taught me not to play any game with a man who has nothing to lose.  Why? Because he has nothing to lose, he is dangerous and playing without RISK!

Today was also a Task Force meeting.  I have to tell you this is one of the most satisfying professional endeavors I have yet to become involved in.  The CA. Association of Realtors support staff is the BEST.   I never realized just how lucky Realtors in California are to have this level of support.   And that is not to mention the other Realtors who have been serving for years. These experienced pros  are doing the community a great service.  More on that later.

And to cap the day.  I was able to align with another Keller Williams Broker , The Ballen Group, in Las Vegas  ( Welcome Lori and staff).  Las Vegas has been hit a little harder than San Diego with falling property values.   I am going to do a feature article with them in the near future.  After all,  we have bankers , Realtors and clients reading from all over the United States, we should share perspectives from different areas and other points of view.  The real short sales experts will tell you no two transactions are the same.


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February 17, 2011

Banks Refusal to Provide Documents in Spanish, Twin Tracking, Hafa Complaint or request for Help?

For some time  now, I have been called on to name, names.  People want me to give the names of the Banks that I see to be the worst offenders of the HAMP and HAFA Rules.  I am seriously considering doing just that.  But until I decide, I will just tell the stories without names.  The Congressman and Treasury know the names of the offenders as do the Banks.  They are included in all the letters I send.  I believe,  it is really better to work together if at all possible, I have not given up hope for co-operation… Naive?  Maybe….But I am still praying for a scanner for the Urban League.    Now to the open letter.  Sent Feb. 14, 2011

Dear Respected Congressman (through staff)

Darrell Issa

Bob Filner

Brian Bilbray
Duncan Hunter
Susan Davis

Laurie Maggiano, Policy Director U.S. Treasury Department ( Home Retention HAMP / HAFA )

Ladies and Gentleman:

Most philosophical and religious text are themed on doing the right thing.  Our leaders inspire us with enduring words that are etched in history,  “there is nothing to fear but fear it self” and my favorite of all President quotes “Persistence alone in omnipotent”.   Well,  here I am,  challenging my fear that I am coming to you for help to frequently,  but I must be president not only for my clients, but my community.  What I am seeing is not right at so many levels and my gut is still screaming at me I have to take action to at least bring this to your attention.

Again I present a case of twin tracking, brought to me by the Urban League , Housing Program Director.  In this client’s case, another dimension of impropriety is added,  she speaks only Spanish and not one single document has been provided to her in Spanish.  To make the point more clear,  she could not even write this request for your help.  If an over worked Hud Counselor had not see this as wrong, where could she have turned?    The loan paperwork that was utilized to obtain the loan,  nor a single correspondence related to the loan modification, she has been attempting, was provided to her in Spanish.    This is just my view but I believe this to be illegal  in the State of California?  Re Ca. Civil Code 1632

Again I feature a case where the short sale option is being ignored.  Did I say option?  In fact *BANK NAME REMOVED* advertised HAFA on their web site.  So is it really optional?   Is offering something that you never intended to present to the public fraud?  That is a question for regulators, Congressmen and attorneys.   Realtors and HUD Housing Counselors are just the front line recipients of the contempt for the rule that banks advertise and then ignore.

If you look at the dates of the *BANK NAME REMOVED* correspondence (in the attachment) you will see that she is in the loan modification process now, but is only days away from a foreclosure , trustee sale.   Based on my experience,  without your aid, another member of our community will not be provided the HAFA opportunity that the Treasury Department endorses, pays for and *BANK NAME REMOVED* says they adhere to.

Many of you know me,  as I have aided your constituents,you know I look for opportunities to solve these cases without your help.  I did that in this case, with a Vice President at *BANK NAME REMOVED*, but my polite and informal requests have not be fielded.  (anyone wants to see the e mails please request them)  I have no choice but to ask for your help.

Beyond the scope of this single case think how many people  are  out there that can not find advocates to help them.  Every one of the cases I have brought forward to you, has been resolved successfully, for the community, according to the rules.   I also expect this case to have the same positive outcome.  Considering that,  why is the system not changing? Is it just easier to extinguish the few cases I bring you?  Why would *BANK NAME REMOVED* not open a clear pathway for evaluation of problematic loans?  THEY IN FACT will not even let their Loss Mitigation personnel use e mail to contact Realtors to do short sales.

As I have said before, the cases I bring to your attention are not anomalies, these cases are the norm.  Is it not time to work together to solve these problems?  Are homeowners being looked at like expendable soldiers in an economic war, even after HAMP and thus HAFA are presented, and advertised by both Government and the banking Industry.

I will continue to work with my community, be it the Urban League, the Congressional Offices or the California Association of Realtors.  We have to be getting close to the single spark that starts the fire to make us all work together.  After all ” Persistence alone is Omnipotent.   (click her to see the President who authored these quoted words) Maybe I am a foolish, naive and an idealistic man,  but with your help and attention to my complaints, you have saved homes, some is far better than none.  I personally make each of the people aware of the fact, it was not me,  it was you, and the sunshine you bring to the process,  that made the favorable outcomes for them possible.

Some of you have written to me relative to the scanner I requested for the Urban League on my blog.  No offers yet but I am confident,  soon someone (bank or bankers)  will see the strength of generosity and caring for their community. The only thing that attracts a banker more than profit is doing the right thing, some one is right around the corner, I can just feel it.

Regulators and Congressman will receive the attachment and authorization to disclose with the client data in a separate E mail.

George Kenner
Broker Associate. Lic. 01229951
Keller Williams Realty
4700 Spring Street
La Mesa, Ca. 91942

CC:  Henry Miles, Housing Program Director San Diego Urban League
Ca. Association of Realtors Staff
National Association of Realtors Staff
San Diego Association or Realtors
Rayman Mathoda, Asset PlanUSA – Nationally Recognized HAFA Trainer and Consultant.
Interested Media Outlets
And a Couple of V.Ps from *BANK NAME REMOVED* in blind copy.
There are 7 Million Properties in default.  7,000,000 Feet divided by 5280 Feet (number of feet in a mile) will result in a single file line as long as the state of California.   Making a number problem visual, will lead to a resolution to any problem.
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February 11, 2011

The Administration Lays out the Program to Take Apart Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, OBAMA the HOUSING SLAYER?

I can hear the arguments now.   It will go something like this, ” The Same Administration that can not make HAMP an HAFA work are planning to revolutionize the Housing Market.”    But then there will be those see this to be the silver bullet to the “vampires heart” that put us in this economic crisis.  Which will it be?  This marks day one , of the biggest political battle,   this Administration has embarked on.

The comments and questions are flying all over the Realtor Cell Phone Network.   Is this being done to save Health Care? That is just  one of the things I have already heard from another Politically active Realtor.   Thus far the response I have heard can be summarized into, you got to be kidding.

I got to admit on question made me wonder, will this be the loss where health care was considered the win?  One thing that is for sure,  “CHANGE” has arrived.  Now will “HOPE” drive this thought to reality.  Only time will tell.   Read the entire Treasury Proposal – program here!

I posted this article at about 8:30am today,   by 2:00pm the California Association of Realtors posted this response.    (read the Car Press Release here)

See all the HAFA rules at

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February 9, 2011

What do HAMP HAFA -Napoleon Hill, A Prayer , A Dream, A Scanner, CRA, An Foreclosure have in Common?

IMPORTANT:  I am not in London that bulk  e mail that appeared to be from me,  was a scam… See Blog entry below for details.

Life is really no more than a culmination of all of our collective memories, which we utilize as guidelines to either build or protect our self from the future.  Philosophical maybe, factual certainly but where am I going,   I am going to the future that I make.  This became abundantly clear after reading “Think and Grow Rich” Read the entire book free at this link. This classic work about life and possibly the best motivational literature ever published.  I think this  because  it is full of stories of kindness and generosity.   I found the  over arching theme of this book to be,  you get back what you give,  this is not and idea,  it a law of nature.

So now let’s jump to the dream.   Some “mind masters” say dreams are projection of what is to come, precognitions, or embedded thoughts from spirit guides.  Which is it? if either, I got no clue.   But I do have a dream to share.   Here  is what I saw one night while in slumber.   I was taking a picture of “Several Bankers”  who were donating some badly needed office equipment to the San Diego Urban League and a few other Community groups that are doing HAMP out reach work,  for FREE  as a SERVICE to the entire community.    I needed the picture to post on my blog so I could demonstrate that BANKS know they are not the “banking community” they are just part of the overall community.  Also  in many ways  they are one of the strongest Community Leaders, we should all respect.

I think the reason the dream was inspired is ,  I   recently  aided Henry Miles the Program Director at the Urban League with a Loan Modification.  The problem was that this man had been making his payment and had the canceled checks to prove it.  But bad communication, misunderstanding, hazy rules,   well bottom line,  I used a few e mail mail addresses I have and next thing you know the file had been escalated.   In banks terms escalated mean “Ugh Oh”  this is not good, we may have screwed up, people are watching.

Now, If the Urban League had a multi page document scanner they could have in real-time sent the proof of these checks to Banks Loan Mod Department.   Oh did I mention this was a Fannie Mae Loan where a short sale has been mandated?   Well it was.  We as taxpayers have loaned Fannie Mae billions of $$ and they have set the rules for their loans, but they are not being followed.   YES, a scanner could have helped.

In the years, I was in Banking our leaders were always looking to support the community.  Little League Teams, Community Fairs, Non Profit housing agencies.  But today Banking  Leaders are fighting all the bad press that is developed by Foreclosures and poor Serving Practices after we bailed them out.  I think they are distracted from helping.   I think now is the time Banks really need to step back into the Community and support the same groups that used to depend on them.  It is not like they can not buy a scanner, one of our Community Banks made 4.8 billion $ is just one quarter.

David and Goliath, should I load a rock in my sling shot and shoot at the Banks?     I don’t think so,  I going to go back to Napoleon Hill, he tells a story about  a million dollars and a school (read the story here) and what I will call a prayer.  Some of you may remember the story of Dr. Gunsaulus and Phillip D. Armour and the school that still stands  Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Gunsaulas had more than just an idea or dream,  he entered into a realm of “vision”.   Well,  I have a vision and it’s lots cheaper it’s a SCANNER FOR THE URBAN LEAGUE.   But something more important than a scanner I  envision,  reestablishment of the principles behind the Community Reinvestment Act. The idea of CRA was to meet the credit needs of the Community. You know, for the guy that needed a break.  Well let me tell you something, after the boom days we are in the foreclosure days, and there are some guys out there that could use a break.    In my opinion it  is time for BANKS to again become familiar with the under staffed over worked organizations like the Urban League, The Housing Opportunity Collaborative and Community Housing Works and lend them the hand that is in their best own interest.  Foreclosure hurts us all, including Banks and the investors they represent.

Now is the time to go to the MEDIA and say we are one Community and we are fed up with a slumping economy.  We the Banks here making a gift, that not only helps our community,  it will save us money, so we can  loan more money to companies that need to borrow money, so they can hire more people.  Frankly I am tired of seeing Loss Mitigation being a growth industry.

I have learned all things do not come true, take for instance  Mrs. Kalabash being anywhere I can find her,  well,  if this is a failing idea I will ask “Providence for only one more favor.  That favor will be,  it  inspire  MR. B to escalate just one of my clients transactions, so I may earn the money to gift the scanner to  the Urban League.  I am not only willing but able to work.  I have some files impacted in your system that are just floundering.  Can you help me, so I can help my community.

Please if you’re a Banker, Government Official, Community or Business leader, Indian Chief, Bottle Washer,   Title or Escrow Company Executive or anyone else who generates a living from Real Estate please consider making a contribution to your favorite HUD Housing Counselor office.   Get active, it’s OUT REACH TIME NOW!  How embarrassing it would be to have someone from another industry lead us out of this when Banking has the most highly paid CEO’s  in the world.   Ask how you can help.  Write to your Congressmen and Senator even the President and tell them now is the time.  Share this Blog entry with others.

One way or another the Urban League is going to get a scanner.  Bankers are smart people,  as are other Real Estate Professionals they know time to correct this lack of community support is long over due.  If you want to do something and show the community we are “United” let me know I have a few ideas on how to make this a winning proposition for everyone.  What will it be Mr. B?  or Mrs. P.  or Mrs. G  Escalate files so I can buy it or come to the Rescue, Frankly I would rather have you at the party, I hear you all very photogenic.

THIS HAS BEEN POSTED 216 HOURS AND NOT ONE BANK HAS OFFERED UP A SCANNER … And Trust Me they Know this is here… We had record Hits Yesterday at and here at the BLOG.   It took  Dr. Gunsaulus in the story mentioned above one week to get the Million $… I am patient!

George Kenner, Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty,  Ca. Lic. 01229951

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(this is must see, if you’ve lost touch with your heart if you have to sit through a 30 second commercial its worth it! Could it include a Foreclosure? Does Foreclosure shatter the American Dream?  I think so and I am a proud to  be a dreamer!


There are 7 Million Properties in default.  7,000,000 Feet divided by 5280 Feet (number of feet in a mile) will result in a single file line as long as the state of California.   Making a number problem visual, will lead to a resolution to any problem. read our Blog!  We make things visual.

Special Thanks to Liliana, for the help with my interviews!

A HAFA Short Sale and A Non HAFA SHORT SALE, George has listings 2!

IMPORTANT:  I AM NOT IN LONDON.. that was a SCAM E mail.. But they forwarded the info to many of my Treasury Department contacts.. Maybe they will be caught… I am in La Mesa and will never ask for money!

In recent days I have taken a little humors flack from my peers about being so politically active on HAFA and Short Sales they asked if I even sold homes any more,  so I figured I would sorta clear the air… This is what I decided.

Let me share this, it  is a new short sale listing in La Mesa,  it’s on Harbinson,  2 br 1 bath charmer. It has an almost new kitchen and a 2 car garage, wood floors and more.   It is in a Trust and the Paperwork to insure smooth transfer is  in process .  All transfer issues should be finished in about a week.  We will be having an open house in a few days. The suggested sales price is $285,000.00 Please Call Ken MacLoed at Wells Fargo to Pre Qualify for this purchase.  He can be contacted at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, 5464 Grossmont Ctr.  La Mesa, Ca. 91942 (tel) 619-701-0207 Greg Brownell, Broker Associate will be handling the showings on this home and can be contacted at 760-644-8810

Now for Number 2 this is a fantastic home on Hillside Drive in Jamul, it needs a buyer that can fix the swimming pool.  It is one heck of a home and is ready to go to the first person that arrive to the Bank with the pre approved HAFA price of $355,000.00There is a little deferred maintenance on this home (swimming pool liner replacement) and a few other things.  This is a perfect for a Bank of America FHA 203 K Rehabilitation loan.  I know one of the best people at Bank of America for this type of loan , just ask Sandra Bryant for the contact point.  Sandra is handling the showings of this home, she is a designate ABR, SFR Realtor. (619) 964-7745

George Kenner, Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty Ca. Lic# 01229951

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February 6, 2011

HAFA MAKES FRIENDS – Crossing State Lines to Help – Can a HAMP loan mod build relationships?

I would like to introduce you all to someone that is working with the HAMP / HAFA loan modification and short sale program.  At first you may think so what.  But when you think about professionals crossing state lines to share information for the benefit of their clients,  well you never know what good can come your way.  Did “Providence” introduce us?   Will the help we give each other save a home or ease someone into a smoother transition?     Without further adue,  let me introduce you to.

Rick  Conley, Broker -SRES, ePRO, ABR, GREEN, SFR, GRI Office: 231-944-9392 4082 Circle View Drive  Williamsburg, MI 49690  Check out Rick Conley, his course and staff  at

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I did not know there was an update to the HAFA Supplemental Directive 09-09 which is 10-18. I teach a HAFA class here in Michigan for REALTORS® for CE credits all over the State.  I should know about this and did not. Thanks so much for the Great site you have and the info is well appreciated.  Do you have any other sources for Stats on how the program is going.  I am hearing from Agents all over Michigan that the banks and not really cooperating with HAFA or are taking other directions.    I agree that this is a good fix to many problems, but if more people are not aware of it or Banks are not working with it, it will fail as I think HAMP and HARP did.   Stats are what I am looking for now.  So, again if you have any sources, I would appreciate it. I will mark your site in my Favorites for future reference. Thanks again so much!

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This was the start of our relationship not the end, we are now collaborating on issues that will support out clients.  AT THE STREET LEVEL.  And I made a great friend from the state that I was born in.  Maybe it is time to get back for another visit to MacKinac Island.   Maybe Mrs. Kalabash is at the Hotel Grand waiting for me.  talk about a great vacation spot.   Together people like Rick Conley we are the ones that make HAFA work… and we will make it work… with Facebook, Blogs and all the other things that Banks are using.    After all Realtors are advertisers, we know how to get attention…. Don’t we Rick!   We both support our Local,  State and National Association of Realtors and we all support the principles behind HAFA.

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Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

George Kenner,  Broker Associate Keller Williams Realty – CA. Lic. 01229951

A tiny secret message to Mrs. Kalabash, private dont look.

You want to talk HAFA call George at  619-723-5714


February 5, 2011

Darrell Issa Speaks on HAFA, Right or Wrong you be the Judge, IS HAMP TOAST ?

Congressman Issa and his office know the pain of the community, I know as I have worked with  the people he represents and his staff members.  They have gone through the very difficult Loan Mod Process, and heard the nightmares more than once.    Listen to this video and tell me,  personally I think this Leader is looking for some solutions.  As one of my friends has told me the political process is like making sausage.  First you put all the ingredients in the bowl, then you grind the “mixings” and then you stuff the sleeve, and then you look at the magic of the new law.  Let’s see what he has to say…I think we are going to see some new sausage in a few months.

As if that was not enough now listen to a just slightly more recent hearing with the TARP Inspector General, and Congressman Mike Turner, this may be a good reason to approach your problem now! You may not want to risk losing the benefits,  if this program is repealed.     If HAMP is taken apart Supplement Directive 09 -09 (R) Hafa will go with it…Right?  Call your Congressman and make sure!

All Marketing is done with the Assistance of Kalabash Marketing

Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

This is more than just a secret message for Mrs. Kalabash!

George Kenner Broker Associate Keller Williams Realty, Lic. 01229951

619-723-5714 –

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