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October 28, 2011

REALTORS Trying to Help – The Story from Las Vegas – THE HAFA RUSE? Situation of a Real Family!

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I am posting this story and removing the name of the Bank so as not to embarrass them.  But if this is not looked into and corrected, I will share the name of the Bank in the very near future.  I need to verify the facts.   I have shared this type of thing with the Bank’s upper management before and seen this type of problem solved.  Lets see if Keller Williams “Win Win” can work.    The pictures in the story are of the real people involved.  The name of the Bank will just be changed to “THE BANK” for now.  Once real people see real people instead of numbers things seem to change.


George, Please post this story on your blog, on how  during a government mandated HAFA short sale ignored HAFA requests and  our request for a postponement of the trustee sale, refused to provide a short sale approval in a timely manner, and then went ahead and foreclosed on the property and then sent an email to me asking if I or my seller knew if the property had been foreclosed on.  “THE BANK”  violated every government mandated HAFA guidelines and really hurt my clients financial future.  How can they get away with ignoring government guidelines and not be held accountable.  By the way the buyer was an all cash buyer and could have closed within days of getting the short sale approval.

My client was working two jobs and was let go of one for downsizing and corporate restructuring. He just recently got married and has a new 5 year old stepdaughter, three older kids in  college and elderly parent that he is helping and supporting.  All he wanted to get out from under the debt, since the property went from 180,000 to 45K and be able to save and buy another home  in 2-4 years in the future, but now “THE BANK” screwed him, since he cannot buy a home again for 7- 10 Years, He will have “THE BANK”  placing a judgment on  him for the deficiency, and the HOA will be filing a judgment as well.   My client followed HAFA guidelines and everything was uploaded in “THE BANKS COMPUTER SYSTEM”  in a timely manner, but why is “THE BANK” hurting our friends, and neighbors and communities who become our trusted clients and look to us to help him. Whoever is in charge of HAFA guidelines needs to really watch “THE BANK”, and I just do not see why it takes 5 months to get an answer on a short sale when they have all the documentation in the first 30 days.  According to HAFA guidelines by clients was supposed to be protected from foreclosure while the short sale was being processed.   Since “THE BANK” is so slow in recording the trustee sale deeds we have begged “THE BANK” to stop the recording of the Trustee sale deed and re-instate the short sale since the buyer is all cash, so we will see if “THE BANK” will step up to the plate and correct the problem.  Our public and customers have a right to know what is going on and have a right to have answers in a timely manner.  If HAFA and “THE BANK” are going to deny the short sale, the customer has a right to know up front and have something in writing telling him.  The public is owed that and I do not want this to keep happening again and again to my family and friends.  Las Vegas is one of the hardest hit cities in the US for loss of jobs, reduced incomes and property value losses.  So we are dealing with “THE BANK” short sales everyday of our careers trying  to help our community and to see honest hard working friends and neighbors financially hurt for another 7-10 years since HAFA, “THE BANK”  and their subcontractor  cannot do the job in the timely manner is heartbreaking to everyone in our community.

On a side note, I have a “THE BANK”, and “THE BANK” credit cards as does most of the Realtors in this valley, since Countrywide was the best and largest for over 25 years  in this valley, that commission that I was just screwed out of was coming right back to “THE BANK” in the mortgage payment.  Now I am struggling to find that money for the missing mortgage payment since they couldn’t finish a HAFA short sale in a timely manner.

Please spread the word to all real estate agents across the country to call “THE BANK” every day begging for an approval letter or postponement of the trustee sale if you are in a HAFA short sale.  All we are trying to do is to protect our public so why is “THE BANK” not being held accountable to the public.  Our sellers have the right to be protected under HAFA guidelines.

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October 26, 2011

Mrs. Bouchard an Update without Much Real Change – But the Media Made NOTE!

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It’s been some time since the last Mrs. Bouchard Update. Mrs. Kate Berry of “America Banker” a Trade and On Line Magazine and Henry Miles of the San Diego Urban League met with Mrs. Bouchard at her home. Then on October 11th, 2011 Mrs. Berry’s lengthy report was published, oddly the same day of the opening of the Mortgage Bankers Convention in Chicago.

Since the publishing of the story a high level HUD Loss Mitigation Manager has come to the case to review it, and work directly with First Mortgage Corporation.  In the America Banker article much was covered.  The article discussed not only  Mrs. Bouchard’s specific case but  the plight of many homeowners.

The tone of the article appeared to be very fair and factual demonstrating  the facts as I believed them to be.  There were long delays in processing this loan modification and there was plenty of blame being laid around. Frankly, I was surprised that the servicer was saying it was the fault of restrictive guidelines, the title of the article was “Servicer Blames Delays on FHA Guidelines.”

I wish I had a better news to close this with,  but here is “Reality.” Currently Mrs. Bouchard’s case is still open. There is no paperwork drawn up to bring this to a close. Currently we do not even know if the Federally Funded “Hardest Hit States Fund” applies to Mrs. Bouchard. I think a partial payment is being arranged for, to stall foreclosure but to date there is no paperwork on that.  This is of course making Mrs. Bouchard’s daughter very nervous, she is fearful that her mothers case will lose public interest, and I cannot say that I blame her.

I hope this is not plagiarism but I am going to take one quote from Mrs. Berry’s article which may point to the possible future.  According to the article the CEO of First Mortgage Corporation  says.

“Ziroli says he would be willing to contribute $5,000 if someone would raise money to pay down Bouchard’s principal balance.”

This may come down to the community helping and if First Mortgage is willing to make that type of contribution, well they can not be all bad, RIGHT?  But will they really do it?  More on this case as it develops.  Do I hear the phone ringing, is there more media coming to this story?

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