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April 20, 2010

HAFA Gets Even Better $3000 dollars in Move Out Assistance

Just as the Brokers, Agents and the Banks get ready for the implementation of “HAFA” the Government sweetened the pot a little bit for everyone.  The move out assistance went from $1500.00 to $3000.00 dollars and for those people having second trust deeds the HAFA contribution to them went from $3000.00 to $6000.00.  Click here for the Government web link that details these changes. You will hear about this more soon but frankly the National News Media was to focused on the Goldman Sacks story to cover this jewel in the financial news.  But this story has leggs the housing crisis has not go away.

We believe these changes of course point to a real attempt by the Government to create “Win Win” situations for both the Banks, their investors and the public at the same time.    I personally hope this is a movement on the road forward.  The Banks seem to be moving in the “HAFA” processing direction but they are not fully on board.   If you are having a problem getting these Treasury Department benefits I strongly recommend that you call your Congressman and Senators.

There have also been some headway in the way the Government approaches the problem in General.  They are looking at more ways to help people who want to stay in their homes.  No struggling home owner trusts their Bank, and real estate agents only get paid for selling homes.  So what does this mean to the Public.  Let me tell you.  It places a great value on the HUD Housing Counselors like we have at the Urban League and the Housing Opportunity Collaborative here in San Diego.  There are Hud Counselors all over the United States and you can search for one at the HAMP site.

Short Sale Nurse continues to attract more very qualified Agents and Brokers to our team.

Chris Montgomery, Broker Associate

Chris Montgomery a Licence Ca. Broker has joined us bringing over 20 years of additional experience to our team. His Resume is impressive and we are lucky to have him.   Prior lending experience is very valuable when doing short sales,  it really pays to both know the strange language Banks use and what makes them in their own strange way happy.

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