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January 30, 2012

OK! Bank of America and Freddie Mac CEO’s, The BALL Is On Your Side of the Court ! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!

Fair Warning Was Given!  I have e mailed, made repeated calls, I have even sent pictures of this home to try to bring it to a fair value with Bank of America management but nothing has happened.  This means the PUBLIC FIGURE CEOs are the only ones to turn to. Were I them, I would pic up the phone and call me to say thank you for bringing this “systems issue” to their attention.  Will they fix this or will they run and hide from simple questions?

Let me share a few other things  I have done to support the efforts I have made to bring this to a resolve.  I have sent in local foreclosure “Pin Maps”,  I have begged borrowed and pleaded with my fellow Realtors to bring me some type of offer but they tell me I am nuts.  I use coded entry log lock boxes, and those entry logs were provided to the bank to call the other Realtors to see if what I was saying was true.  Were all my fellow Realtors and their clients crazy?  Was the Market lying?   I will give the CEOs the name of a Real Estate Managers in my area who have seen this home and found it was not properly priced, if they want to call.

This is the first of what may be more videos on this home.  There is really more to say.  Frankly I want to know who owns the appraisal company that valued these properties and did not tell Freddie Mac that FHA was the prevailing loan used in this demographic and that it would not be eligible because of condition.  Freddie Mac belongs to us, the “Tax Payers” the way they are doing business is our business.  Do they really not know the condition of this home and was it hidden from them?

HERE IS ANOTHER HOT  QUESTION for the CEO of Freddie Mac.   Why not give us a special HOME PATH Rehab loan NOW?  Why wait till it is foreclosed upon.  Please give me the logic for this, because I can not see it.   STAY TUNE FOLKS.. if this is corrected I am going to pull this video as there is no reason to make villains but on the other hand we have to have change in the short sale system for US the taxpayers.  We are backing programs and people who don’t seem to have a handle on the problem.

The picture of me holding video ball is part of an e mail that I am sending to my friends in the Industry.  It will show up on your Iphone, or I pad or your droid and go straight to the UTUBE by just tapping the ball.   If you want a copy of this to forward to your friends by all means just ask i will send you a copy of the e mail it can be fowarded and in most systems the link is maintained.  Sooner or later someone will know one of these CEOs and they will see the reason it is important to help my clients and my community.  I have heard the banks say many times that they want to short sell.

Am I not doing them a service bringing this to their attention?

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January 12, 2012


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Looks like one of the web addresses in my stable  is going away HAFA dot US.   According to the United States Treasury Department those four letters belong to them in a Trademark.  Should I fight or acknowledge  their claim?  Or see if I can pay a royalty for its use?  I have asked how much they want for these four letters?   The perspective I  have taken on this is, everything changes, especially  the Real Estate Market.  If Treasury think these four letters belong to them, maybe it is just the thing that  will drive my  American Entrepreneurial  Spirit  to do something else, bigger and better.   Thing of the “Job Creation” everyone is going to have to change thier Internet sites and for people like me, we will have to draft whole new sights, starting all over again.  Change is good!

From my view we have to many people in our society not rising to the occasion and finding a way to make things work.  Not enough people will take responsiblity for their actions.  We are too quick to judge and to slow to help.  If the universal spirit that some call God wants me on another course, well thank you God, I accept the challenge and the change, but I am not going to stop playing the game yet.

For those of you from all over the Country who  have over the past years sent me requests for *&*& information, direction and  help, and expressed your appreciation,  I will still be here for you.  The  *&*& program is a great thing if you can get your bank to listen to the Treasury Department.  I for one think the Banks are considerably less  fearful of the rules and the fines that Treasury will impose than I am.   It is impossible to say you believe in the rules and not follow them.  I have been on the cutting edge of the Short Sale issue, from the standpoint of  the “practicing real estate industry” and I am not leaving,  I am just going to have to find a way to help my community without four letters of the alphabet.  I am sure I will find a way to  do it with out a vowel and two constants, after all I learned to speak Spanish as a second language, as an adult, my spelling  after that went down hill anyhow.  After all Four letters will not save anyones home, make it a little easier maybe,  but  it is up to us,  dedicated, caring and compassionate community leaders who have and always will make the difference.  Can you help someone save their home?

If anyone wants to see the notice I got from the Treasury please request it.  If you have HAFA HAMP  or anything to do with that in your URL, Keywords or about anywhere else you either have already got this NOTICE or will be getting it  soon.

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