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July 6, 2011

Does FMC Really want to foreclosure? Case study in discretion? You tell Me!

August 17, 2011

Positive UPDATE?


August 05, 2011…Feds to the Rescue? 

It appears that communication with the FIRST MORTAGE Corp. has broken down.  I would like to talk to the CEO of First Mortgage Corporation.

Now for the most RECENT UPDATE Here is the New Video,

But there is going to be another one…. get Ready!

I was and still am looking for a ” Win Win” situation, but the PERSON who I was dealing with will not even give me the CEOs name. 

I know the name of the CEO of every major bank, and can get the names of every member of the Board of Director but I can not get any closer to this CEO than Mrs. Bouchard could.  I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I have never known of a company who made Government insured loans and you could not get the name of the CEO, from an employee.   Let me attempt a little humor, maybe there is a new business school game, HIDE THE CEO.  They said they talked to HUD but would not give that persons name to follow up with either.   Please feel free to add comments below.  If there is an attorney out there reading this and knows the America with Disabilitys Act could you call me, I have a few questions.

ALSO I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE, Research has shown that Congresswoman Mary Bono is responosible for the District that Mrs Bouchard Lives in, that does not however mean that Congressman ISSA is not interested in this case. His staff has always shown everyone I know involved in loan modifications and short sales every possible courtsey.  It is appropriate to mention,  Congressman Issa and his staff have helped in this matter, Thay have moved assistance for Mrs. Bouchard in the right direction.  On behalf of Mrs. Bouchard and her family, I extend this Thank you!



The name of theTreasury official is removed.  Their ability to assist us if possible should not be impeded.  We are looking for a ” win win” situation from this.  Working together we can make our community a better place to live.   The name of the client has been removed,  if you are the news media and want to interview  this woman she has agreed to share her story publicly, please call me for contact points.

BREAKING NEWS:  The Client has agreed and will be working to set a time for a “Press Interview” at the beggining of the week.  Media Sourse’s are interested in this STORY… THIS CAN BE FRAMED AS A WIN WIN… 

July 06, 2011

Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC  20220

Copies to other Influential Parties (list below)

Dear Treasury;

 I have found traveling on new roads,  discoveries along the way can be even more uplifting than the arrival at the destination.  In part, I have found this fact  by working with Mr. Henry Miles at the San Diego Urban League.  Being the Housing Program Director, he is called upon not only by the community but his peers for help.  From time to time he asks that I share the dire situations he comes across, with the people I know, frankly I am honored he asks for my help.

 My association with Mr. Miles has expanded my horizons to participate in my community more, not less.  Through my association with him,   I have gone from being a person that had a high definition television with 171 Channels to where I do not even have cable.  Instead of the dead time in front of the tube, today I read, tomorrow I will read and next week I will read.

 The case that I am going to share with you required some special inspiration, For this I went to the my library and grabbed  a work by David Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D. and this is what jumped off the page at me.

 “A progressive concern emerged for fairness, balance, protection of the vulnerable, and appreciation for the quality of the environment, as well as for the dignity and the rights of the individual.”

 Reflecting on these words, I realized that no matter how I FORCED this situation it was beyond my POWER to resolve without the help of others.  So this will be the first of the questions,  I will ask you. Can you help to bring a intergous,  dignified and caring solution for our community relative to the case I will detail below.   You have been gifted with great intellect and the POWER to bring the necessary attention to problems which are on a path that lacks any societal benefit.

Now to the facts as best I can determine them.

First Mortgage Corporation

1131 West 6th Street, Suite 260

Ontario, Ca. 91762   Tel. 909-391-2647

Loan Number0000000000  (FHA CASE NUMBER 048-513-00000000)

 Borrower:  )))))  ))) Murrieta, Ca. 92562

 Scheduled Trustee Sale Date  July 18th 2011  At Corona Police Department 9:00 AM

 As you read this, please just theorize that this story is the one that makes a difference, not only for Mrs.)))))) but for everyone in similar situations.  Our societal process of giving attention where it is due can only improve from stories like this.  To digress just a little bit, this file has seen the assistance of Springboard, The Housing Opportunity Collaborative and now Mr. Henry Miles of the Urban League.  I know Mr. Miles philosophy is to avoid creating villains, rather he would choose to uplift us all in the exhilarating feeling of helping one another when hope appears to have been vanquished by ignorance, created by an intolerant system, not people.

 Allow me to share a quote from a letter written by Mrs. 0000000 daughter addressed to an elected official. (full letter attached)

 “She went back to school, first receiving her BA from Chico State, and later getting her MFA from San Diego State.  She maintained her dean’s list grades while taking care of three children and she did it with a disease that doctor’s claim is unbearable to handle.  She took a job as a teacher, she taught English and History to 7th and 8th graders at Temecula Middle School up until September of last year.  Prior to her accident my mother was a foster parent for many years, she was “Foster Parent of the Year” at one point in Sacramento County.  She took hard to place children; the children other homes turned away.  In addition to raising her own children, she devoted her lifer to helping mold and nurture other people’s children.  One of the few joys she still has is the continued contact and friendship she maintains with dozens and dozens of her former students.”


Surely after reading this everyone will see that Mrs.00000000has at every turn in her life given to her community.  Again,  I will ask a question.  Do you want to hear more about helping this woman; and helping within established Governmental Programs?   If the answer is yes, please approach this without making First Mortgage a villain.  I know I am repeating a point, but Mrs. Bouchard and Mr. Miles abhor creating villains; rather they have lived lifetimes of helping.

Providing a link between the Non Profits, Industry and Government, people have told me I dance on razor blades.  I tell them it is easier than swallowing swords.   With my Banking background I can see some problems with the way this case was handled.  Were I First Mortgage, I can see a public relations blunder the size or the Hindenburg, if this home is foreclosed upon when full consideration was not given to every possible loan modification opportunity.  I can also see FHA not honoring the loss in the insurance policy, as there was clearly a rush to judgment and a serious miscommunication relative to programs like the HARDEST HIT STATES FUND.  It appears that with 3 separate and distinctive Housing Agencies, and a very proactive daughter trying to communicate with First Mortgage Corporation, the onus may fall upon them. 

Respectfully, I thank you for your time to read this case of interest. (reviewing the attached documents)  I am confident if anyone knows the CEO of First Mortgage Corporation,  and this case comes to his attention it will get the review that is seems to deserve.  I know Mr. Miles and I will do all we can to assist Mrs. 000000, First Mortgage Corporation and our community craft as successful resolve short of foreclosure.   Much of the documented disability and income information, which I believe has already been receipted by First Mortgage will be included (attached to this correspondence) to the appropriate parties.

 As it is unclear who can really help, many people including the media have been addressed in this correspondence.  Only by full community participation can we craft the society that will honor the teachers like Mrs. 00000000 who gave until it was impossible to give more.  Please by all means share this information far and wide.

 Enslavement by illusion is comfortable; it is the liberation by Truth that people fear.   Let’s get to the truth of the fact;   Can this teacher’s home be saved with already existing Government Programs?

 Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

George Kenner

CC: Mr. Joel Singer, EVP Cal. Association of Realtors

       Mrs. Anne Framroze, CAR

       Mr. Matt Roberts, CAR.

       Congressman Darrel Issa (Mrs. Bouchard is your Constituent) Through Staff

       Congressman Bob Filner (through Staff)

       Congressman Duncan Hunter (through Staff)

       Mr. Jeff Lister , President National Association of Realtors

       Mr. Henry Miles, Housing Program Director, San Diego Urban League

       Mrs. Janet Heming, HUD Consulor San Diego Urban League

       Mrs. Kate Berry,  American Banker (Media)

       All Members of the CA. Association of Realtors Distressed Property Task Force

       Mr. Mike Mercurio,  V.P. San Diego Association of Realtors

       Mr. Robert Smith, Broker of Record, Keller Williams Realty

       Mrs. Anne Graves, Ph.D. San Diego State University

       Ms. Lily Leung, San Diego Union Tribune (Media)

       Additional Parties in the future as is appropriate.  This along with updates will be posted at    I have a feeling providence will create a “win win” situation for lender, borrower, and community.    

George Kenner Broker Associate, Keller William Realty. Ca. Brokers Lic. Number 01229951  Please contact me at or call me at 619-723-5714.

All Marketing done with the Assistance of Kalabash Marketing,   Good Night Mrs.where ever you are!   

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