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March 31, 2011

Short Sale Seminar was Giant Success

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Elected Officials, Sponsors, Organizers, Panel Experts and attending Realtors.   I have got only positive feed back from all parties.  Well, there was the one person that told me my chair dancing was not very good… Let me explain, while the microphones were being adjusted some how  RAP Music came over the system and I was inspired to sorta catch the groove.  I found out,  some people were laughing at me instead of with me, seems my rhythm is a little off.  I guess a guy in a suit and tie looks funny chair dancing.

I want to give special thanks to Rayman Mathoda of Asset Plan USA who is the Nations Leading Hafa Trainer.  She was able to find the time to come to San Diego just for this event, as was her associate Ron Garber, who has been considered one of California top “Distressed Property” experts for years.  Thank you everyone at Asset Plan, all Realtors owe you for your hard work and advocacy. Your approach to training is  bringing us to a stronger economy more quickly.  If we ever do another panel like this again, I nominate Ray to be the moderator, she has a great way of exposing the truth, with the facts.

The seminar went off with very little mention of specific Banks.  I think the only one’s name that slipped out of my mouth was Bank of America.   They are of course a big part of our market place and thus always a focus.  I shared with everyone they remain open to communication with the California Association of Realtors and they are trying.  I have noticed some positive improvement with administrative policies but we are not there yet.  In fairness none of the Banks are there yet.

I think that is why the elected officials were there, they are interested in what we are seeing.  There is nothing like their political ability to read a room.  The OOO’s and Ahassssssss of a large group do not lie as we approach election time.   And with recent changes in California Primary Law,  Political Action Committees  and Trade groups are going to be more carefully listened to.

That is it for now.  I have a inspirational  charity concert and a meeting with a State Senator scheduled in the near future, so I am sure I will have more to share soon.  Oh’ Special Thanks to Autumn Frank of Settlement One Title, she did some behind the scene invitation work that helped all Realtors, but she does not want credit for what she did, so I will honor her wish and not release the details. (RESPA compliant activity)  If your wondering it was a packed house and all the food was gone at the end of the meeting!

If you think I am going soft think again! I am forwarding a recording of a Bank telling the client to go delinquent on this Mortgage to get a loan modification, to regulators in the next few days.   I have to set the stage for this presentation.   Change will only come to Loan Modifications and  Short Sales when Regulators take action, I want some elected officials to hear this first.  Getting their ear takes time. There is lots going on in the world today, Realtors are not the only ones with problems.

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March 24, 2011

Calling All Realtors – Free Lunch and Panel Training In El Cajon

Fellow Realtors, Agents, Brokers and Affiliates;  The East San Diego County Board of Realtors is presenting a Panel of Experienced Short Sale Professionals who will be answering questions to some of the hardest short sale questions you can give them.  Followed up by a FREE Mexican Buffet Lunch.  Yes, I said the magic words ” Free Lunch.”

The California Association of Realtors is not alone in  becoming more vocal about the needs of our community as it relates to Short Sale issues. You will want to watch the video, to see  the other community members that will be in attendance at this event.  What we are doing is not only drawing interest,  we are rallying  support.

It’s HIGH TIME we share our experiences not to complain but to seek resolves.   If you consider yourself a leader in our industry, its time we come together.  Now may be just the time you consider coming to the service of your local board.   Come and join us on Tuesday.  Reserve your spot the space is limited.  We have the ear of our elected officials,  I feel its our duty to tell them how we feel!

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The Details

The panel is scheduled for 11:30AM Tuesday March 29th at the East County Board of Realtors 1150 Broadway

El Cajon 92021

Please plan on arriving no later than 10:45AM

The panel will be moderated. Submitted questions will be answered first and if there is time left we will have open floor questions.  If you have a question please sent it to  Deirdre Bramberg at

Reservations for the event:  Please E mail Kaylen Dowell at

March 23, 2011

Does Fannie Mae Have Two Faces? Read this Story and you tell me…

Fannie Mae seems to be taking a new philosophical approach to business, I will call “Conflicting Faith” that is someplace between good faith and  bad faith.  Right in my small home town of Jamul, Ca.  there was a property for sale that I passed everyday at least twice.   It was a short sale, being serviced by a Bank.  An illness was forcing this sale and that was communicated to  the Bank / Servicer  and thus Fannie Mae.  As you all know Fannie Mae has announced similar guidelines that are 90% the same thing as HAFA they even call it their own version of HAFA.

Watching the MLS  I could see the property was offered for $300.000.00  and knowing the listing agent was a consummate professional and knowledgeable in short sales,   seeing that Bank – Servicer who was involved and that it was a Fannie Mae loan,  all I could think was HAFA.  Fannie Mae had to know the listed price of the property.  According to the agent offers had been submitted on the property.

Sadness however happens.  Foreclosure resulted, the property was taken back.  It is now being offered for $249,900 dollars.  Only a $50,100.00 reduction in the price of the home. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Why was pricing guidance not given to the listing agent?    This looks like a GIANT PREFERENCE TO FORECLOSE TO ME!  Seeming how Fannie Mae is in Tax Payers pockets to the tune of about $100 Billion I think  we need to look at reviewing their approach  at their pricing policy in a  logical  manner.

I say Give Short Sale Agents  pricing guidance on all your Fannie Mae Loans.  Give us the same 3% down on your own loans before foreclosure, just like your offering on this property now.  Give us a return to common sense.   Because right now,  to this real estate professional it looks like you are working with “Conflicting Faith”.  If  these policies are good when you own the property as and REO, let me share something with you, you own it even before its and REO. Our Congressman who are floating your boat right now will understand this.  Our local leaders are seeing our  tax base decimated by this type of policy.

This is not to mention your required Fannie Mae Addendum that removes any disclosure responsibility, on the property.  This could in fact be a 3% down payment into a nightmare property that someone with a small down payment is willing to just try to own a home ,  to achieve part of the American Dream, could be buying into the America Nightmare.

Is  lowering your normal  down payment not preferential financing? Could a logical person not consider this a statement that  your trying to inflate the  price?   If it is for sale at a fair price why do the special financing?  But here are the crashing cymbalsIf the home was not fairly priced at $300,000.00 why did Fannie Mae not give pricing guidance to the SHORT SALE AGENT? Should we blame the Servicer?  Do you have a preference to foreclose?

Fannie Mae, I want to make  you  feel like the most hit on girl at a school dance.  It’s high time we take a look at you.  I want to know why you use a  super special double secret mixture of Brokers Price Opinions  and automated value opinions to set prices for Short Sales and you will not use a Broker Price Opinion to do a Loan.  What is different about determining a value for a Short Sale and a loan that involves a sale? Explain to me why MARKET VALUE determination methods are different!  Maybe you can get your brother Freddie Mac to explain this to me.  Also  why is it your policy to hide this valuation method?  I am not the only real estate professional that wants to see your valuation system make sense .  Are you just too penny wise and pound foolish to pay for an appraisal?    And the final  question when are you going to start answering simple questions like why you feel you are entitled to your own Short Sale Program?   Is the Treasury Department Program not good enough for you?   Your still dipping into Government Funds to pay for your HAFA program.

If your my Congressman reading  this,  I ask that you  make a formal inquiry into  why a company in Federal Receivership spent all kinds of time and money to develop a second version of an already written Government Program. Is it time to remind Mrs. Fannie Mae she is  in receivership and we have a right to answers? If Fannie Mae does not  want to answer the questions,  give the Tax Payers the $100 Billion Dollars you  owe us and I will not cry foul.  Until then every time you show up to the school dance, I am going to do all I can to give you all my attention.  Welcome to the public fish bowl, which way you going to swim?  Also Congressman is it not funny that Fannie and Freddie who dip into our pockets to support their programs are providing different benefits to the TAXPAYER.  How can this be?  Different Program versions different benefits, are companies like  citizens not  to be treated equally.   I don’t understand.

I am going to send this far and wide,  if Fannie Mae wants to talk about this example, I am game.   If it was the Bank who could fairly  price the property and foreclose improperly,  I will publish their name and ask they make thier error right.  If not, Fannie this “Conflicting Faith”  is on you!  This looks like a $50,000.00 problem to me.  Is it true the CEO of Fannie Mae makes more money than the Treasury Secretary? Senators and Congressman?

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March 10, 2011

California Association of Realtors Tells the Public !

Paper, Paper, Papers, Get your News Papers! Today the California Association of Realtors used  almost every major California  newspaper including  ( on Page A-6 of )  the Los Angeles Times to share with everyone the condition of the SHORT SALE MARKET.  I could go on an on about this, speaking in support of  our President Mrs. Beth Peerce but I think the best thing I can do is just provide a few important links to the story.    I think I will wait till I see Beth next time to say,  Thank you,  “You are a  Rock Star”…

Here is the link to the page with a copy of the letter.

This is a link to Inman Real Estate News they saw this public Statement made on behalf of 170,000 Realtors  to be worthy of being it’s own story.

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March 7, 2011

Saint Jude, The Wall Street Journal and the Short Sale Hail Mary Pass!

A perspective client was interviewing me, and as  I carefully listened to their story, they said they believed that they were a lost cause.  The loan modification process had failed them, they had received all the foreclosure  forms, starting with a notice to accelerate, then the Notice of Default.  They believed in a few days the Notice of Trustee Sale would arrive.  Was a HAFA short sale even an option?

Immediately Saint Jude came to mind.  Where was their Hail Mary Pass that would land them safely in the end zone?  Was there any chance they could save their home.  What could I tell them and not create a false sense of hope.   How could I explain that all the rules are “fluid”.   All I could do was direct them to things to read, from points of authority.  I believe my clients  need to have the same information I have.   Here  is a report written by a few State Assembly Committees, nothing I have read more clearly shows the current situation (Click Here) and why it is fluid.  There may even be a glimpse at what meaningful change if any is on the way.

All I could do was point to facts,  yet none of the currently known facts pointed to a clear path, in fact they clouded the issue.  In the Wall Street Journal March 5-6 2011, (the weekend edition) there is a story that says States Attorney Generals and other Government Regulators  presented a 27 page document to the largest US Banks, last week,  (keeping the document secret – why?)  addressing proposed changes in mortgage collection practices.

I want to be able to tell my clients the foreclosure – short sale  process has been fixed and all the  rules will be followed, but the reality is the situation is still very fluid.  One fact revealed in the WSJ article is the time taken to foreclose has grown.   Two years ago the average time was 319 days and now the average is 519 days.  This means more lost payments to investors including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who the Government is backing.   So the argument is easily supported that this is falling on the TAX PAYER.   Congress has to know this!

At this point I would love to throw that Hail Mary Pass and have it result in house saving success for all of my clients, who want to stay in their homes.  But because I don’t even have the ball to throw, I say read and become informed. Then cover all the bases, say a prayer, prayers are free,  and no one even needs to know you try to reach out to St. Jude, or any one else you think can help, I believe nothing is a lost cause. We all have to keep trying, and be as helpful as possible to our fellow-man.  If you have a question , call me.   I will give you the best answers I can to difficult situations,  short sales are not easy.

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March 2, 2011

Two Sides to the Bank – Title 6 of RESPA – A Qualified Written Request

There is a victory dance that is being done  all over the Internet about a guy that took action against the Bank.  He got involved in what some would call a servicing nightmare, when the bank added insurance to his home.   Here is the story as it was featured on a regional news broadcast.

This man’s action was based upon  Title 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act and was formed around a “Qualified Written Request”,  in some cases it is a good tool to use.

But you could be missing part of the  moral of the story.  No one should  lose touch of the fact that HUMANS are making the decisions.    To make a point, in the next few days with the help of some of the most caring people I know in banking, I am going to close a short sale for two Senior Citizens.  The Bank has bent over backwards to aid these people.  YES the same Bank that is featured in the video. So don’t be too quick to judge.   Pick your friends carefully and be nice to the people who can help you.  If you’re yelling to loud it’s really hard for anyone to concentrate.  I am not saying don’t be persistent but being polite works, and keeps your blood pressure down.

To those professionals that helped my clients, Ken, Laurie, Steve, and everyone in Texas that listened , Thank YOU, your kindness is and always will be appreciated, you made a big difference in the life of my clients.

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