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October 28, 2010

Bank of America is Trying! Short Sale Resourse Center

Bank of America Short Sale System

Bank of America is reaching out to Realtors and their clients’ trying to improve the Short Sale System.  And in some cases it is working, I know I deal with these people on a daily basis.    If you click on their banner at the top of the page you will see a short Video done by one of the Sr. VPs in charge of implementation of this division of the Loan Servicing Unit. He is a decent guy, he has a good reputation among the professional Realtors that specialize in Short Sales,  Matt  is one of the professionals that is really trying, just like TK, Donald and Kim other committed Bank of America Staff members.

His comments are mostly on point especially the part about their attempts to improve.  I also agree that experience in this phase of the industry is important.   But I disagree with using the term “partner” when addressing real estate professionals.   I am an advocate for my client, my client selects me not the Bank.  I owe a duty to my client first and foremost.  I have a commitment to fair dealing but the homeowner or buyer is my client.   I will not being calling the Bank my partner because they are not.  Unless I am selling their Bank owned Properties and they are not quite knocking on my door to do that. yet?  Partner  sounds pretty but it’s not the way I approach my business dealing with the banks.

In many cases Bank of America  outsources their HAFA transactions to companies , like Promiss Solutions,  Moss Codelis, UTLSHAFA, AMS and others.  They all have access to Equator which still has problems.  Navigating that system can be complex and difficult at times.  What I am saying is, established contacts within the Bank and it’s systems can make a difference to you.  No,  it will make a difference to you, it is already making a difference for my clients.

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October 26, 2010


I am asked all the time about Training Certificates for Realtors and the need for the Certs.  I think  the two tier licensing system that the  State of California uses there are some great protections.  Brokers are required to have more professional experience and education related to our industry.  Most Brokers are working full-time at their profession.   The reality is that some Realtors are trying to break into a hard industry and are not conducting daily client activities.

Recently the President of the San Diego Association of Realtors was quoted in the San Diego news paper that Short Sales were not for the inexperienced.  With that I agree.  In fact from time to time very important training comes along.  Our industry changes all the time, HAFA is just that type of change, and although you can in some cases train yourself, well, how many people really ever read the Ca. Civil Code.  Dry reading?

The California Association of Realtors, reviewed and Certified the HAFA training by Asset Plan USA, and if you read the credentials of the people that wrote the training, you will understand why they were selected.   In fact it is my understanding that about 4000 agents now have received this training.  So when you see this logo, it  means one thing at a minimum.  The Realtor invested in his and his clients future.   We post this Logo & LINK at our information site  We believe it is important not only our clients see it, but fellow professionals see it.  We think industry participation is more of a telling sign  of profession expectation but training is very important in the world today.  What can the agent your selecting tell you about HAFA Short Sales and how long has he been in the industry… Time , time time , time on your side yes it is.                  Look for this logo

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October 25, 2010

Notice of Default Search System, Will this help with HAFA?

Many of my clients were looking for an easy way to see if a Notice of Default had been filed on their property.  Considering the ROBO Signing Scandal and the “fast tricks” that the banks have been caught playing people are lots more suspicious of the process of Short Sales and Foreclosure.

This is a widget from that will allow you to get a better look of what is happening in your area.  If you need more specific information please let me know, I will aid you get the public records that you need.  You can go straight to the widget at  by clinking  **HERE**


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October 17, 2010

Short Sales & Priced Not to Sell Scandel – Can HAFA Keep a home?

In the coming days there are going to be some changes at the collection of Mrs. Kalabash Internet sites  that were built to help people understand Short Sales.   We are stepping into the  YouTube age, and will be answering questions in video format from our clients’  and the public around the United States.  If you have a question by all means submit it.

Today I took a phone call from  someone in Chicago that really wanted to keep their home, if it was at all possible.  He told me “No one hears me when I call this my “HOME”. He like so many other self-employed people  are doing all they can, holding on, waiting  for the return of the economy.  I talk to people daily who are praying for relief from the ROBO Signing Scandal.   Homeowners making their mortgage payments,  more and more frequently want to know when a Banker is going to go to jail.

I started to think about the emphasis this person was putting on home and I went to some of my video clips and decided to see if I could weave them together to show a picture of a “HOME”   I want to show the pride we all have in our homes.  You can tell me if I hit a cord, did I touch a heart.

In the next few weeks I hope to reach out and touch more of my community and even invite some change in the way we look at the HAFA Short Sale Program.    Well, that whats coming now to the home video.

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October 5, 2010

Termites In a Short Sale? Termites are Everywhere

Termites are a consideration in all Short Sales.  The California Sales Contract has a place clearly laid out for termite inspections.  Some Brokers / Agents understand the complexity of getting a Bank to Pay for Termite Inspections.  Your desire to own a home is usually the driving force of your decisions.  I strongly suggest that you discuss this aspect of the transaction with your Broker.  It really does not matter if your in a HAFA short sale or a standard short sale to consider this aspect of your transaction early.

Recently at an office meeting Corky’s Pest Control came in and discussed how they could help with this issue.  I won’t got into all the details here but I will tell you that Glenn could strum a guitar and sang a humors gingle.  Take a look, he had the room going, I mean Bugging out….(humor implied)

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Banking Madness, Is there room in Jail for Ebenezer The Banker

More and more frequently we are told  by our elected officials of the frauds and thefts by Banks and Bank employees but there seems to be no room at the Slide Bar Motel (Jail) for these criminals.  In Congressman Grayson’s recent video he shows us evidence of the frauds and forgery’s committed  by or in the name of the Officers of the Bank, but I have not heard of a single arrest.

To date other than Barkley’s Bank who paid about 289 million for their transgressions I have yet to see any penalty.   Some would argue that if you paying your fine with someone else’s money your considered “a cost of doing business” not a criminal.   Is it time we put a few of the Banking Community into general population at one of our finer Federal Correctional facilities, and let them become part of the rest of the community  who has not followed the laws.

As Congressmen Grayson pointed out in his foreclosure video, he has names and signatures, coming out of a Law Firm.  Are we to believe that no one knew what was happening was wrong.   I have not even heard of a planned Congressional Hearing and it’s election time when everyone  to busy kissing babies and talking about future plans.   Is it going to be the same old , same old, do our elected officials  not see a major meltdown coming? Can no one rebuild  the attitude of the American people?

Where is the money going to come from to recoup the loss from the 56, 000 foreclosures that Chase just halted? Is is going to come on the backs of the Taxpayer or the investor that believe they were doing business with a lawful institution.

We have a moral cancer working its way through our banking community and personally I don’t think it is the Branch Managers and the Tellers who are the problem.  It is not the Mortgage loan officers.  It’s the nameless faceless chicken,  hiding behind the ROBO signing  executive that not only  knew what was going on, put paid to have the illegal act done.     And the funny thing is our politicians have been convinced these people are a talent pool that keep us all going.  I have one world to express my opinion of this , Balderdash!  Give these guys a pink jump suit. Look what they did in France to a Banker with his hand in the Cookie Jar…. come on America.

I think it is time for those who did this,  and knew better to get some quantitative easing at the weight pile, or maybe have their credit taken away from them at the  snack commissary.  Maybe they should be given three cigarettes a day and 2.3 hours of sunlight to keep their color.  Maybe a few days in the Federal Retreat at Lompac would do our economy some good.  I have a feeling seeing the law enforced could be just the medicine the economy needs, a little consumer confidence builder, if you will allow me to call it that.   Hell, today it seems like drunk driving carries higher penalties that conspiracy to defraud, forgery and false statements on Government records, heck with these there is not even the excuse of bad judgment because your were impaired and at a party.  Unless signing false document is something Bankers consider a party.

I believe we are at a point in our Nations History where free speech is the only thing that will bring us out of the situation the lawless greedy have put us into.  We must demand  our leaders maintain the opportunity  a fair playing field gives us all.   Right now I don’t see the Bankers being equally treated.  Some say the politicians are owned by the Banks, I disagree no one can own the truth, they can sway the truth. Soon  our  “LEADERS” will say enough is enough and call for enforcement of already existing rules instead of trying to distract us with new laws. These are just my personal opinions and do not reflect the views of anyone with whom I work, or associate with.

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October 4, 2010


I have a strong feeling this Congressman’s video is going to lead us into a more logical system of bringing distressed property to the market.   J.P. Morgan CHASE who stopped 56 thousand foreclosures will be looking for ways to soften the bad public relations of this business that has turned nasty.

HAFA is all of the sudden going to look like a miracle, delivered  as if by providence when the Banks do a Command Appearance in front of  Congress and then the Senate.   Fraud when committed at the level this Congressman alleges,  should being some prosecutions.  Just think if they lie to Congress, I have a feeling we are about to hear some real truth.   Here is some truth, there is not one Bank that cares about “Votes” they care about Payments and Deposits, and trying to influence Congressman… What a web we weave.

This is National Economic history in the making, it will be slow to develop but I have a feeling it will not go away.

Their is also another issue looming on the HAMP / HAFA Short Sale System this is the practice of “Grossing UP”  sales values on HAFA Short Sale Agreements.  This story is breaking story that all HAFA Realtors are just now dealing with.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a HAFA Short Sale Nightmare we have the e mail address for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS e mail box, that is gathering the information to take to our Regulators and Congressman.

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