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October 25, 2010

Notice of Default Search System, Will this help with HAFA?

Many of my clients were looking for an easy way to see if a Notice of Default had been filed on their property.  Considering the ROBO Signing Scandal and the “fast tricks” that the banks have been caught playing people are lots more suspicious of the process of Short Sales and Foreclosure.

This is a widget from that will allow you to get a better look of what is happening in your area.  If you need more specific information please let me know, I will aid you get the public records that you need.  You can go straight to the widget at  by clinking  **HERE**


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June 17, 2009

Short Sale Referral Companies I don’t recommend using one. In fact I see them as worthless to the Public and Dangerous for Agents.

New industries pop up in times of need and some of them are not in the best interest of the “Public”.    Bulk consolidators of “Short Sales” is one of them.   I am contacted daily by outside firms to take referrals from them and pay a fee.   To me this is unacceptable and here is why.


One of the biggest reasons is I have no idea what they have promised the seller of the home.  I do not even know if they have advised the seller to contact an attorney or tax professional.   In theory I could even suffer at the hands of the Department of Real Estate for doing business with an unlicensed agent.  One company that contacted me was located in Texas and was using a Real Estate License out of Oregon.  They would never see the eyes of the seller,  all they would see is some dollars transferred into their account if I did my job correctly.


Also I do not know if they offered to direct you to other avenues of assistance.  I feel a professional and moral obligation to see if there is a way to save your home.  That is why I like the President’s Program.   The flow chart of that program is LOAN MODIFICATION then Short Sale then Deed in Lieu..   Again if a home owner can get a loan modified,  I consider it a victory for every Realtor.  Realtors are an important part of every community and we want a return to a normal market and we want our neighbors to stay where they are if that is possible.


I see no reason for anyone to pay thousands of dollars to someone who is only involved in your transaction from the standpoint of setting up an internet site making a phone call and sending you to the professional that can and will truly help you.


So if your called by someone from outside of your community or you find an Internet site that is making claims to good to be true.  Look at it with caution.   If your selecting a Realtor why not give a few a call.  Trust that gut feeling, you will know if you have the right person there to help you.


George Kenner is the author of this article.  He is a Broker Associate for Prudential California Realty in La Mesa, Ca.   His Real Estate experience  includes approximately 10 years working as a Mortgage Loan Officer in a Federal Saving Bank.  He is happy to answer questions in private that are sent to his e mail at

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