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November 3, 2010

Lets do the Math, its a very long line… can HAFA make it shorter?

Sometimes simple math can make a complex problem visual.  If  I were to ask how big a box would you need to put a  million one dollar bills in, what would you respond?  As big as say, 3 feet cubed?   Most of us have never seen a million one dollar bills all at the same time,  so to estimate it would be hard , correct?

So to visualize how long a single  file line would be that contained all of the people in San Diego and Riverside County  who are in the formal foreclosure process would be hard, but not impossible?   First we would have to know the number of Notices of Default in San Diego and Riverside County.  To get that number I will go to a web site Realtors and other industry professionals use to track the foreclosure process.

It turns out that the number in San Diego and Riverside Counties is, 46 307 properties.  Now lets estimate that the average number of people living in the home is 3, so lets multiply by three now that equals 138,921 people.

Because when people stand in line they need some social space , lets allow 2 feet per person, one foot to stand in and 6 inches front and back.   So to archive this simple math lets multiply the total number by two,  this give as a grand total of the length of the line in feet. 277,842 total feet.

Some people just love math, and know the number of feet in a mile is 5280, so let’s divide the total number of feet by 5280.  That will give us the length of the line.   This equals 52.62 and that is miles long, yes 52 MILES LONG.

If your familiar with San Diego County that is a single file line of people from about the Mexican Border at San Ysidro to Oceanside .  That is one heck of a line.    Think of the “Social Impact” of foreclosures on all of these homes and the homeless people it would create.   NOW ,you can see the reason for HAFA and forcing or at least strongly encouraging  the the banks to see the light. This is not a problem on Wall Street this is a problem on Interstate 5 in Southern California.

The Data for this caculation included  Notices of Default, Trustee Sales and Properties still in possession of the Banks in San Diego and Riverside Counties . was the source of the Data and was gathered on Nov. 3 , 2010.

To add to the scope of the potentional problem, I  will also add that many of the people who I have aided with Short Sales are not even in the formal foreclosure process.  Including these people would only make the line longer. Maybe on another day I will divide this number into the number of Police officers on the beat and show you how impossible it would be to evict all of these people.  Maybe that will explain why we have cash for keys.

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October 25, 2010

Notice of Default Search System, Will this help with HAFA?

Many of my clients were looking for an easy way to see if a Notice of Default had been filed on their property.  Considering the ROBO Signing Scandal and the “fast tricks” that the banks have been caught playing people are lots more suspicious of the process of Short Sales and Foreclosure.

This is a widget from that will allow you to get a better look of what is happening in your area.  If you need more specific information please let me know, I will aid you get the public records that you need.  You can go straight to the widget at  by clinking  **HERE**


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October 17, 2010

Short Sales & Priced Not to Sell Scandel – Can HAFA Keep a home?

In the coming days there are going to be some changes at the collection of Mrs. Kalabash Internet sites  that were built to help people understand Short Sales.   We are stepping into the  YouTube age, and will be answering questions in video format from our clients’  and the public around the United States.  If you have a question by all means submit it.

Today I took a phone call from  someone in Chicago that really wanted to keep their home, if it was at all possible.  He told me “No one hears me when I call this my “HOME”. He like so many other self-employed people  are doing all they can, holding on, waiting  for the return of the economy.  I talk to people daily who are praying for relief from the ROBO Signing Scandal.   Homeowners making their mortgage payments,  more and more frequently want to know when a Banker is going to go to jail.

I started to think about the emphasis this person was putting on home and I went to some of my video clips and decided to see if I could weave them together to show a picture of a “HOME”   I want to show the pride we all have in our homes.  You can tell me if I hit a cord, did I touch a heart.

In the next few weeks I hope to reach out and touch more of my community and even invite some change in the way we look at the HAFA Short Sale Program.    Well, that whats coming now to the home video.

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March 17, 2010

Short Sales Going Digital to Accomidate HAFA

The industry is getting ramped up for the “HAFA” short sale rules and are going digital.  April 05, 2010 is coming at us very quickly “HAFA” and all demands the new rules are  going create will  be hard to accommodate all at one time.   Bank of America seems to have a jump on the HAFA by utilizing a system supported at   This is a digital information platform that will allow the Bank, Realtor and home seller to all look at the progress of the transaction at the same time.  (of course we at Short Sale Nurse are already using the system)

This should allow the banks to move more quickly through the work load.  Speaking of workload there does not seem to be any movement to the problem easing.  In fact some experts are saying that the shadow inventory and defaulting property program is growing.  The experts are saying that the real numbers may never come out of the data shadow.

Here is the logic of the experts.  Foreclosures can be tracked by public records but “short sales” can be hidden on bank balance sheets.  The distressed short sale will show in public records just like any other sale.  Maybe this is a good thing.  perception of our market needs to change.  The cloud over our economy is one of attitude, if we think nothing is getting better it will do just that , not get better.

The street market trend I am hearing from my clients is that they are just considering walking away even when they can afford their payments because they have no equity and can not see things coming back.   There it is again the “see” word,  its one of perception.

Nothing is going to be the end all, cure-all but “HAFA” in my opinion will bring some logic to the market.   It makes more sence to short sell than foreclosure.   I know my clients would all like one more view of a loan modification or some other work out plan.   Go to to read the 10 most important client questions answered straight from text of the Treasury Department program.


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June 14, 2009

How to treat our Clients

I was recently asked by a fellow agent how to approach a client who has had a “notice of default” file against their home as the first step of foreclosures. There was not a nano second that passed in my thought process until my one word answer was formulated, the word was respect. Approach your clients with respect.

Our unemployment rate in California is at or approaching 10 percent, in many communities . There are rumors and threats that even our State Employees are at risk of losing their jobs. Teachers, fire fighters and other public employees are worried. The point here is that good people who want to work and pay their bills on time, just can not do it in this economy. Think of those in the automotive business, that have been down sized or removed. These were hard working people that kept our communities moving.

My peers and I are exposed daily to just this type of situation. It is not unusual to hear a story where someone has not made their house payment for several months and then finally the “Notice of Default” arrives and they are informed of the legal rights and the terms in the “Trust Deed” that allow for foreclosure.

The good news is our demands to our Government are being listened to at least in some regards. They are trying to slow the process of a falling economy. There efforts coupled with industry will pull us out of this spiraling whirlpool into a depression.

The idea of short sales as presented by the Treasury I believe is a good idea. This Foreclosure Alternative Plan, allows for a smoother transition for families that can no longer meet the same level of financial obligation that they had previously. It treats people with more respect and understanding and in some cases my allow people another opportunity to catch up on their mortgage.

One or the reasons residential construction is down to the levels it is because it is less expensive to buy a home an existing home than it is to build new. As soon as the demand rises we will be back on the path to a more solid economy. Short Sales and Foreclosure will be a thing of the past. I will tell you this Real Estate Broker / Realtor is looking forward to the day that my clients more secure in their homes.

The answer to the question is still treat your clients with respect, aid them with their needs and point them in the direction that the best information points. Today without more changes in the law “Short Sale” looks like it could be the best direction.

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