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August 10, 2009

Magnets, A Home In Point Loma, Little Gray Men

aircraft_carrierThe other day a few friends of mine met at our favorite San Diego taco stand over looking the Bay. From the vantage point of our table we could see one of the Aircraft Carriers coming into the bay. Our respective careers took us in different directions so three industries were represented. Real Estate Broker, Medicine (MRI TEC) and Banker.

The MRI TEC is always interesting to talk to because he follows advances in science and the Banker and I have educations that were science based. Last time we met he was discussing Cold Fusion as a source of energy, and how someone right here  in San Diego may have worked it out, but our discussions always seen to come back to the ecomony.

Looking out over the bay to the aircraft carrier the MRI Tec told us that he saw a special where the Navy is working on launching planes off Aircraft Carriers with Magnets. I mentioned that I had seen something recently where they believe it is possible that Crop Circles are being created with magnetic forces and the Banker had to chime looking for humor and said, “Money is getting a little easier to borrow but we are not giving it to the little gray men that are making crop circles, yet. ” We all laughed and though about things that had nothing to do with the ecomony for a few minutes.

The Banker started humming a song that had to be inspired by the theme of our discussion and looking to Point Loma he stopped humming and said “Someday I will buy a home on that hill right over there” pointing in the direction of Cabrillo Monument. Well I hope everything gets worked out, the Navy figures out the magnets, little gray men from where ever find a way to borrow money and my friend buys his home in Point Loma, if its a short sale or a foreclosure and he saves a ton of money, even better.

I guess there is that bond of friendship that makes us all want our friends to find what they are searching for. In contemplation , I guess  what brought me to Real Estate,  was the feeling gained by helping people in their search for a home, chase their dreams and solve their problems. The Real Estate Market is going to spin forward and I don’t want to predict when but I bet it is before they find out what is making crop circles. If mankind finds out aliens are making crop circles, I bet people quit buying and selling property,,,,,,, Na.. I guess there is nothing to worry about, I’ll bet you crop circles (2) are being made by unemployed English Bankers or are they?

George Kenner is a Broker Associate with Prudential California Realty, in La Mesa California. He can also be found at or contacted at 619-723-5714. George Kenner is also the owner of Kalabash Marketing.


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