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February 7, 2012

PNC BANK’S FUNKY MATH .. they think ZERO is better than $6000.00














As always I tried to work with  the Loss Mitigation Department of this Bank and got no where.  I sent advance notice of the first video to the CEO and his upper management.    Inasmuch as there has been no response from  PNC BANK logic seems to point to a refusal to take the full HAFA consideration, but if the Realtor will pay,  PNC will close the transaction to close.  This is of course speculation as NO ONE above the loss mitigation officer has called me to discuss this.  Mr. Rohr has thus far not communicated if he wants to take me up on the offer of the carne asado burrito yet.

Here are some interesting links that point to facts mentioned in the story or views of other Real Estate Agent and the “MEDIA” across the United States, Seems I  am not the only one who has had a tough way to go with PNC.    this is a  San Diego Media Link


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January 30, 2012

OK! Bank of America and Freddie Mac CEO’s, The BALL Is On Your Side of the Court ! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!

Fair Warning Was Given!  I have e mailed, made repeated calls, I have even sent pictures of this home to try to bring it to a fair value with Bank of America management but nothing has happened.  This means the PUBLIC FIGURE CEOs are the only ones to turn to. Were I them, I would pic up the phone and call me to say thank you for bringing this “systems issue” to their attention.  Will they fix this or will they run and hide from simple questions?

Let me share a few other things  I have done to support the efforts I have made to bring this to a resolve.  I have sent in local foreclosure “Pin Maps”,  I have begged borrowed and pleaded with my fellow Realtors to bring me some type of offer but they tell me I am nuts.  I use coded entry log lock boxes, and those entry logs were provided to the bank to call the other Realtors to see if what I was saying was true.  Were all my fellow Realtors and their clients crazy?  Was the Market lying?   I will give the CEOs the name of a Real Estate Managers in my area who have seen this home and found it was not properly priced, if they want to call.

This is the first of what may be more videos on this home.  There is really more to say.  Frankly I want to know who owns the appraisal company that valued these properties and did not tell Freddie Mac that FHA was the prevailing loan used in this demographic and that it would not be eligible because of condition.  Freddie Mac belongs to us, the “Tax Payers” the way they are doing business is our business.  Do they really not know the condition of this home and was it hidden from them?

HERE IS ANOTHER HOT  QUESTION for the CEO of Freddie Mac.   Why not give us a special HOME PATH Rehab loan NOW?  Why wait till it is foreclosed upon.  Please give me the logic for this, because I can not see it.   STAY TUNE FOLKS.. if this is corrected I am going to pull this video as there is no reason to make villains but on the other hand we have to have change in the short sale system for US the taxpayers.  We are backing programs and people who don’t seem to have a handle on the problem.

The picture of me holding video ball is part of an e mail that I am sending to my friends in the Industry.  It will show up on your Iphone, or I pad or your droid and go straight to the UTUBE by just tapping the ball.   If you want a copy of this to forward to your friends by all means just ask i will send you a copy of the e mail it can be fowarded and in most systems the link is maintained.  Sooner or later someone will know one of these CEOs and they will see the reason it is important to help my clients and my community.  I have heard the banks say many times that they want to short sell.

Am I not doing them a service bringing this to their attention?

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January 12, 2012


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Looks like one of the web addresses in my stable  is going away HAFA dot US.   According to the United States Treasury Department those four letters belong to them in a Trademark.  Should I fight or acknowledge  their claim?  Or see if I can pay a royalty for its use?  I have asked how much they want for these four letters?   The perspective I  have taken on this is, everything changes, especially  the Real Estate Market.  If Treasury think these four letters belong to them, maybe it is just the thing that  will drive my  American Entrepreneurial  Spirit  to do something else, bigger and better.   Thing of the “Job Creation” everyone is going to have to change thier Internet sites and for people like me, we will have to draft whole new sights, starting all over again.  Change is good!

From my view we have to many people in our society not rising to the occasion and finding a way to make things work.  Not enough people will take responsiblity for their actions.  We are too quick to judge and to slow to help.  If the universal spirit that some call God wants me on another course, well thank you God, I accept the challenge and the change, but I am not going to stop playing the game yet.

For those of you from all over the Country who  have over the past years sent me requests for *&*& information, direction and  help, and expressed your appreciation,  I will still be here for you.  The  *&*& program is a great thing if you can get your bank to listen to the Treasury Department.  I for one think the Banks are considerably less  fearful of the rules and the fines that Treasury will impose than I am.   It is impossible to say you believe in the rules and not follow them.  I have been on the cutting edge of the Short Sale issue, from the standpoint of  the “practicing real estate industry” and I am not leaving,  I am just going to have to find a way to help my community without four letters of the alphabet.  I am sure I will find a way to  do it with out a vowel and two constants, after all I learned to speak Spanish as a second language, as an adult, my spelling  after that went down hill anyhow.  After all Four letters will not save anyones home, make it a little easier maybe,  but  it is up to us,  dedicated, caring and compassionate community leaders who have and always will make the difference.  Can you help someone save their home?

If anyone wants to see the notice I got from the Treasury please request it.  If you have HAFA HAMP  or anything to do with that in your URL, Keywords or about anywhere else you either have already got this NOTICE or will be getting it  soon.

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December 27, 2011

And I sell homes 2…. Fighting for Short Sale Sellers is just part of the job.

Of  course representing Sellers in a short sale is only successful if  buyers can be found for the house that is being sold, and then Bank approves the transaction. We are finding  more and more the Banks are insisting that full advertising campaigns be put in place.   On this issue I happen to agree.  Videos, Virtual Tours, Open Houses and lots of photos in the MLS  have their place.   Cheap selling homes does no one any good.  I think (hope) the “equity vacuum” should comes to an end soon. Losing money on a home is no fun for anyone.   While other are staying on the same old advertising course  the Brokers Group is expanding their  influence by using state of the art marketing.   Here is just a little sample of what we are doing.

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December 18, 2011

We as a team are expanding… Time to leverage the Luxury Home Short Sales that we do!

It is not new to anyone that even the wealthy are not faring well in the current economy.  Luxury home owners need help and are finding that if they work with the bank to avoid a foreclosure they are often treated with more respect and co-operation.   The overall economy is not the fault of the general citizenry of this country.  Very few people saw this coming.  Even I lost a lot of equity in my home and I have been in Banking and related Real Estate industry for over 22 years now.

Please enjoy this intro video for a new website we are launching to serve the needs of our community.  We can and often do this type of special promotion for luxury short sales.   If we can help you in any way, we are never more than just a phone call away.  The Broker Group stands ready to help you however we can.

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December 5, 2011

HELP … A NEW LOGO… And News on Mrs. Bouchard

Distractions from life can end up leading back to a point of focus.  Take Mrs. Bouchard and Cody.  Mrs. Bouchard can not even leave her home to ask for help on a street corner and this was driving me to think no one was ever going to be fair.  Enter a distraction, my new hobbie of video editing , I always wanted to be a film maker and in this new computer world that is closer to being possible.

Hang with me for a minute, I am going somewhere with this.  Just as I lose all faith in anyone doing the right thing, someone “surprises” me.   Enter Cody , he is a video artist that made  a template, that I purchased from a third party agent.  When  I purchased it arrived in the  wrong format.  I reached out and asked for help and Cody who  is on the other side of the country worked  past midnight correcting the format and even inserting the text creating the correct title.   YES, Cody went far beyond the call of duty  for me.  He made the right business move.  He was kind, polite and happy to help.   So where is that for Mrs. Bouchard?  Is there no one what can reach out and rescue her?

In the coming days, I hope to be able to announce a  broadcast interview with her.  Who knows, who could or will be in the audience?  Who could you invite?  I understand it’s only fair to share what Cody did for me.    I am only going to show the first part of my plan to move all branding to the “Brokers Group” within Keller Willians, La Mesa.  Enjoy Cody’s work.

Check out Cody, this young man knows what is right and does it!

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November 3, 2011

UPDATE ON MRS. BOUCHARD – NO REAL NEWS – Is this GOOD? I don’t think so!

Very soon I am going to post a video message about what I am hearing on Mrs. Bouchards loan modification.   I want everyone to know I am looking for a” winning situation”.  I feel there has to be a positive resolve for our community in what seems to be a problem with a common sense resolution.

If the community  has to start raising money we will do what we can to help.  I have had many requests to hear from Mrs. Bouchard and I can not do that yet, but with the help of American Banker I will give you a link to their Video Interview.   Just click on the link below.   The woman in the picture is Kate Berry the reporter that has been following this story for months.


George Kenner, Broker Associate. Keller Williams Realty

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Mrs. Bouchard is now posted on CHANGE.ORG please sign the petition to help her!

See the Traffic a Petition can Bring!… Watch this Video to see and get the latest, the plan in changing.

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October 28, 2011

REALTORS Trying to Help – The Story from Las Vegas – THE HAFA RUSE? Situation of a Real Family!

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I am posting this story and removing the name of the Bank so as not to embarrass them.  But if this is not looked into and corrected, I will share the name of the Bank in the very near future.  I need to verify the facts.   I have shared this type of thing with the Bank’s upper management before and seen this type of problem solved.  Lets see if Keller Williams “Win Win” can work.    The pictures in the story are of the real people involved.  The name of the Bank will just be changed to “THE BANK” for now.  Once real people see real people instead of numbers things seem to change.


George, Please post this story on your blog, on how  during a government mandated HAFA short sale ignored HAFA requests and  our request for a postponement of the trustee sale, refused to provide a short sale approval in a timely manner, and then went ahead and foreclosed on the property and then sent an email to me asking if I or my seller knew if the property had been foreclosed on.  “THE BANK”  violated every government mandated HAFA guidelines and really hurt my clients financial future.  How can they get away with ignoring government guidelines and not be held accountable.  By the way the buyer was an all cash buyer and could have closed within days of getting the short sale approval.

My client was working two jobs and was let go of one for downsizing and corporate restructuring. He just recently got married and has a new 5 year old stepdaughter, three older kids in  college and elderly parent that he is helping and supporting.  All he wanted to get out from under the debt, since the property went from 180,000 to 45K and be able to save and buy another home  in 2-4 years in the future, but now “THE BANK” screwed him, since he cannot buy a home again for 7- 10 Years, He will have “THE BANK”  placing a judgment on  him for the deficiency, and the HOA will be filing a judgment as well.   My client followed HAFA guidelines and everything was uploaded in “THE BANKS COMPUTER SYSTEM”  in a timely manner, but why is “THE BANK” hurting our friends, and neighbors and communities who become our trusted clients and look to us to help him. Whoever is in charge of HAFA guidelines needs to really watch “THE BANK”, and I just do not see why it takes 5 months to get an answer on a short sale when they have all the documentation in the first 30 days.  According to HAFA guidelines by clients was supposed to be protected from foreclosure while the short sale was being processed.   Since “THE BANK” is so slow in recording the trustee sale deeds we have begged “THE BANK” to stop the recording of the Trustee sale deed and re-instate the short sale since the buyer is all cash, so we will see if “THE BANK” will step up to the plate and correct the problem.  Our public and customers have a right to know what is going on and have a right to have answers in a timely manner.  If HAFA and “THE BANK” are going to deny the short sale, the customer has a right to know up front and have something in writing telling him.  The public is owed that and I do not want this to keep happening again and again to my family and friends.  Las Vegas is one of the hardest hit cities in the US for loss of jobs, reduced incomes and property value losses.  So we are dealing with “THE BANK” short sales everyday of our careers trying  to help our community and to see honest hard working friends and neighbors financially hurt for another 7-10 years since HAFA, “THE BANK”  and their subcontractor  cannot do the job in the timely manner is heartbreaking to everyone in our community.

On a side note, I have a “THE BANK”, and “THE BANK” credit cards as does most of the Realtors in this valley, since Countrywide was the best and largest for over 25 years  in this valley, that commission that I was just screwed out of was coming right back to “THE BANK” in the mortgage payment.  Now I am struggling to find that money for the missing mortgage payment since they couldn’t finish a HAFA short sale in a timely manner.

Please spread the word to all real estate agents across the country to call “THE BANK” every day begging for an approval letter or postponement of the trustee sale if you are in a HAFA short sale.  All we are trying to do is to protect our public so why is “THE BANK” not being held accountable to the public.  Our sellers have the right to be protected under HAFA guidelines.

Suzanne Whitescarver

Realty One Group


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October 26, 2011

Mrs. Bouchard an Update without Much Real Change – But the Media Made NOTE!

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It’s been some time since the last Mrs. Bouchard Update. Mrs. Kate Berry of “America Banker” a Trade and On Line Magazine and Henry Miles of the San Diego Urban League met with Mrs. Bouchard at her home. Then on October 11th, 2011 Mrs. Berry’s lengthy report was published, oddly the same day of the opening of the Mortgage Bankers Convention in Chicago.

Since the publishing of the story a high level HUD Loss Mitigation Manager has come to the case to review it, and work directly with First Mortgage Corporation.  In the America Banker article much was covered.  The article discussed not only  Mrs. Bouchard’s specific case but  the plight of many homeowners.

The tone of the article appeared to be very fair and factual demonstrating  the facts as I believed them to be.  There were long delays in processing this loan modification and there was plenty of blame being laid around. Frankly, I was surprised that the servicer was saying it was the fault of restrictive guidelines, the title of the article was “Servicer Blames Delays on FHA Guidelines.”

I wish I had a better news to close this with,  but here is “Reality.” Currently Mrs. Bouchard’s case is still open. There is no paperwork drawn up to bring this to a close. Currently we do not even know if the Federally Funded “Hardest Hit States Fund” applies to Mrs. Bouchard. I think a partial payment is being arranged for, to stall foreclosure but to date there is no paperwork on that.  This is of course making Mrs. Bouchard’s daughter very nervous, she is fearful that her mothers case will lose public interest, and I cannot say that I blame her.

I hope this is not plagiarism but I am going to take one quote from Mrs. Berry’s article which may point to the possible future.  According to the article the CEO of First Mortgage Corporation  says.

“Ziroli says he would be willing to contribute $5,000 if someone would raise money to pay down Bouchard’s principal balance.”

This may come down to the community helping and if First Mortgage is willing to make that type of contribution, well they can not be all bad, RIGHT?  But will they really do it?  More on this case as it develops.  Do I hear the phone ringing, is there more media coming to this story?

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August 10, 2011

Tuesday August 09 HAFA UPDATE – See it here first.

On Tuesday, August 9, 2011 the U.S. Department of the Treasury issued Supplemental Directive 11-08 – HAFA Policy Update, which implements many of the recommendations received during the Summit and Working Groups. 

 Specifically, Supplemental Directive 11-08 implements the following key changes:

 Requires servicers to develop and post on their website a HAFA Matrix that describes various components of a servicer’s HAFA Policy, including any unique HAFA eligibility criteria or program rules, the servicer’s process for re-evaluation of property value, and contact information for HAFA assistance.

Removes non-mortgage debt from the $6,000 subordinate lien cap. However non-mortgage lien holders still must provide lien releases and waive borrower liability.

 Requires all servicers to develop a process for periodic re-evaluation of property value and to reconcile discrepancies between the servicer’s independent assessment of value and market value data provided by the borrower or the borrower’s real estate broker. 

To view Supplemental Directive 11-08, please click here.

To view the HAFA Matrix template, please click here.

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