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April 15, 2011

Short Sale God of Truth, Reports on Bank of America

It’s about 5:30am here on the west coast and I forgot to do something, turn my Black Berry to silent mode.  It just woke me up a little early  with an E Mail Message from Bank of America.

The Greeks believed that there were multiple Gods that controlled everything in the earthly realm. Thinking of that,  the “God of Short Sale Truth” wanted me to know early this morning that the same case I mentioned below, where Bank of America lost the file for Freddie Mac and cost tax payers thousands of dollars, as we are backing Freddie Mac losses,  was declined.  But they did not want me to know why!

I guess for the rest of the day I will be fighting to get them to listen to logic, or more importantly, figure out why this was declined.   With this new improved  data system they are using  their is no telling.  Looking inside the system there is no reason posted and the link to the e mail for the negotiator is broken, it routes me to an error.     Now I  don’t want to be accused of “piling on” or “roughing the banker” and get a penalty,  but after all I can prove that they lost this file for 90 days, costing everyone more than was necessary.   Well there is the exception of Bank of America who is getting paid as the Servicer, they are profiting from this.   But let’s see if they make good on the MONTHS of payments that were missed while there was an offer on the table and  it was lost in their system.    Maybe our Congressmen can find this out for us.  Who wants the loan number, maybe the President of Freddie Mac?  I personally don’t feel like paying Bank of America to screw things up.  Maybe if this cost them they would take this serious, peoples homes and lives are involved here

If Bank of America just made a mistake,  and this is still in process I will let everyone know, that is only fair but if it is like the Deed in Lieu my clients are waiting for it could be some time before I even know.  Will the foreclosure happen before they answer.  We will see.


Friday at aprox 9:35 am, Pacific Standard time.

After arriving to work I found out that a pending trustee sale on the above mentioned property was canceled.   Now why stop a sale on a denied file.   MAYBE THIS HAPPENED because of what I call Blog Magic.  Did Bank of America finally figure out that this is a very problematic file and that  they can contribute the amount of money they lost for Freddie Mac could help off set this.  At least in my opinion they owe something into this transaction… CALL ME B  of A and lets discuss this….

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