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April 13, 2011

Time for a Duel with Bank of America? Do they think I will go away?

Yesterday I posted a  BLOG ENTRY deleting the name of the  BANK. I hoped they would get back to me and make some meaningful progress for my client.  IT HAS AFTER ALL BEEN ONE YEAR WITHOUT PROGRESS. E MAILS WERE ROUTED AND NO RESPONSE CAME. I tried to explain I was  NOT BLUFFING, I did not want to embarrass anyone but they did not respond so HERE IS THE NAME OF THE BANK.  They must be proud of their actions.


Another round of E mail invitations to discuss my client needs is being routed to the  CEO, Mr. Moynihan along with notice this  blog entry has been posted.  You will note that I asked in the e mail string  (below) who the investor was.  Today I discovered that BANK OF AMERICA is the Servicer and Investor.  YES, Bank of America…. why are they doing this to my client? I think I know and I am going to be sharing my theory,  in formal complaint, if I do not get a satisfactory answer and or resolve for my CLIENT.

I am currently planning a video address to the  CEO of B of A,  I am either going to see this fixed, with fair Credit Reporting  done for my client or I am going to suggest that he  distribute  Scarlet Letters to the Managers that did this.  I will not see a Bank damage my community, especially a Bank that implies by its name it is AMERICAN, without exposing it for what it is doing.

As you read this Mr. Moynihan I don’t bluff except when I do, this was  not one of those times, someone should have called me today. Look at the PDFs that I sent to Mr. B.  maybe we can resolve this before Video Time and posting at (even more exposure than here)   Also please make special note to the text in green font at the bottom of yesterdays message.

Please do not call tomorrow between 10:00 and 11:00 Pacific Standard Time,   I will be at coffee with the most beautiful escrow officer and will not be able to take your call.

Here was yesterdays entry!

Short  sales as they are currently  set up are like a duel,  Realtors want to be nice to everyone and present a “Win Win” situations but  they are duty bound to protect the interests of CLIENTS, not the bank, who can not see heads from tails though the stupidity of their own short sale systems.   Thus the most effective of us (Realtors) flirt with disaster every day.  Well here is to flirting with danger.  I am going to post a note that went to two Senior Vice Presidents of a Major Bank and their Contractor today.   Let’s see it they want to fix this for my client or if they want to me address the CEO in a video clip here at the BLOG.  Of course there will be an appeal to my 5 area Congressman to investigate, this lender in the clip.  If  the video goes viral who knows maybe it will be the dueling shot that brings attention and a full audit of this lender’s servicing practices.  They are after all a Federal Savings Bank, permitted by the Federal Government, and they are doing this to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac assets and they owe the us Tax Payers a few Hundred Billion at this point.  I say that is enough of a reason for an audit, and penalties if any are due.

Time for the excitement,  here is a copy of the last string of the letter……  The name of the Bank is eliminated at this point.  But in the NEXT STING if it is necessary I will post the BANK and Contractor Name.   You want to harvest something from a BLOG here is something to reap, after all you sowed it.

Mr. B      (Sr. VP. Bank of AMERICA)
Mrs. B    (G. Moss, HAFA Contractor for Bank of America)
Fellow Professionals:
I got a call by someone at 1-800-000-0000 ex 2773 they left a message, in a voice mail message, stating they needed to talk to me in regards to the letter of April 07. (possibly this e mail letter thread).  I have tried to return the call all morning but there is no ability to leave a voice message.  (Possible System issue you would like to look at)
If you have some update please let me know.  I would of course still like to bring this to a close, on a sale, as would my client.  I think that the silence relative to the evaluation of the current offer is a statement that the investor wants it back.  Who is the investor? I would like to talk to them.  Are you going to offer my client some additional incentive and possible correction to his credit report for all of this delay.  You have squandered months of credit reporting time on this,  when he was doing all he could.
In my opinion he should not ever be shown more than 4 months late on his mortgage.  In fact inasmuch, no contribution in any amount was asked for in the SSA even the 4 months of delinquent reporting could be unfair.  He has done all he can for both the servicer and the investor.  I have been able to achieve this type of correction on other HAFA transactions, most recently with (Name Omitted)  Mortgage.
If there is some reason for me go slowly with this, maybe one of you could reach out to me personally, if not I plan on posting a copy of this letter chain on the blog.  I find it grossly unfair not to offer multiple warnings before bringing Banks  conduct about this to a VIDEO.  Video if properly staged can be far more effective.
As I have promised my Broker of Record, I have to ask; Do you have any REO Business for me?  Maybe this correspondence will prove that I follow up and I try to obtain the most positive results for all parties. But when I represent someone if I have to get inventive I will, it is my duty.
George Kenner
Broker Associate
Keller Williams Realty
lic. 01229951
All Marketing Done with the Assistance of Kalabash Marketing
Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.
Secret Message to Mr. Moynihan
A man that has nothing to lose can not lose!


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