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March 31, 2011

Short Sale Seminar was Giant Success

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Elected Officials, Sponsors, Organizers, Panel Experts and attending Realtors.   I have got only positive feed back from all parties.  Well, there was the one person that told me my chair dancing was not very good… Let me explain, while the microphones were being adjusted some how  RAP Music came over the system and I was inspired to sorta catch the groove.  I found out,  some people were laughing at me instead of with me, seems my rhythm is a little off.  I guess a guy in a suit and tie looks funny chair dancing.

I want to give special thanks to Rayman Mathoda of Asset Plan USA who is the Nations Leading Hafa Trainer.  She was able to find the time to come to San Diego just for this event, as was her associate Ron Garber, who has been considered one of California top “Distressed Property” experts for years.  Thank you everyone at Asset Plan, all Realtors owe you for your hard work and advocacy. Your approach to training is  bringing us to a stronger economy more quickly.  If we ever do another panel like this again, I nominate Ray to be the moderator, she has a great way of exposing the truth, with the facts.

The seminar went off with very little mention of specific Banks.  I think the only one’s name that slipped out of my mouth was Bank of America.   They are of course a big part of our market place and thus always a focus.  I shared with everyone they remain open to communication with the California Association of Realtors and they are trying.  I have noticed some positive improvement with administrative policies but we are not there yet.  In fairness none of the Banks are there yet.

I think that is why the elected officials were there, they are interested in what we are seeing.  There is nothing like their political ability to read a room.  The OOO’s and Ahassssssss of a large group do not lie as we approach election time.   And with recent changes in California Primary Law,  Political Action Committees  and Trade groups are going to be more carefully listened to.

That is it for now.  I have a inspirational  charity concert and a meeting with a State Senator scheduled in the near future, so I am sure I will have more to share soon.  Oh’ Special Thanks to Autumn Frank of Settlement One Title, she did some behind the scene invitation work that helped all Realtors, but she does not want credit for what she did, so I will honor her wish and not release the details. (RESPA compliant activity)  If your wondering it was a packed house and all the food was gone at the end of the meeting!

If you think I am going soft think again! I am forwarding a recording of a Bank telling the client to go delinquent on this Mortgage to get a loan modification, to regulators in the next few days.   I have to set the stage for this presentation.   Change will only come to Loan Modifications and  Short Sales when Regulators take action, I want some elected officials to hear this first.  Getting their ear takes time. There is lots going on in the world today, Realtors are not the only ones with problems.

All marketing done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing

a secret good night message for Mrs. Kalabash!

George Kenner, Broker Associate Keller Williams Realty, Lic. 0129941

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