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March 2, 2011

Two Sides to the Bank – Title 6 of RESPA – A Qualified Written Request

There is a victory dance that is being done  all over the Internet about a guy that took action against the Bank.  He got involved in what some would call a servicing nightmare, when the bank added insurance to his home.   Here is the story as it was featured on a regional news broadcast.

This man’s action was based upon  Title 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act and was formed around a “Qualified Written Request”,  in some cases it is a good tool to use.

But you could be missing part of the  moral of the story.  No one should  lose touch of the fact that HUMANS are making the decisions.    To make a point, in the next few days with the help of some of the most caring people I know in banking, I am going to close a short sale for two Senior Citizens.  The Bank has bent over backwards to aid these people.  YES the same Bank that is featured in the video. So don’t be too quick to judge.   Pick your friends carefully and be nice to the people who can help you.  If you’re yelling to loud it’s really hard for anyone to concentrate.  I am not saying don’t be persistent but being polite works, and keeps your blood pressure down.

To those professionals that helped my clients, Ken, Laurie, Steve, and everyone in Texas that listened , Thank YOU, your kindness is and always will be appreciated, you made a big difference in the life of my clients.

All advertising done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing

goodnite Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

This is no secret but if you look , please don’t share it with Mrs. Kalabash!

George Kenner, Broker Associate Kenner Williams Realty

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