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February 23, 2011

Short Sales and Foreclosure should not lead to a Near Death Experience! The Sermon! and Dont forget Mrs. Kalabash and the Blue Ribbon!

I recently posted a blog comment casting out into the universe my desire to achieve two things.   Obtain a scanner for the San Diego Urban League and the other, vastly more important,  to inspire my friends at the Banks to return to the assistance of community.   I see a change in the level of  civic support from the Banks as it relates to housing.   I may be wrong but this is my impression,  and as always,  I will stake my reputation on my words.  I feel that  a line has been drawn (created by misunderstood economic circumstances ) in the sand  between, Realtors, HUD Housing Counselors and the Banks.  I believe addressing this division is a fundamental issue that has to change before our country can recover from it’s economic mire.   We have to all realize that the meals we eat come from the same table.

I quoted a story from Napoleon Hill’s book ” Think and Grow Rich” about a one million dollar dream to start a college,  and because of this, I received several e mails saying I had missed a vital point of the story.   The title of one e mail states,  Tell the whole story,  I want the Sermon, Give me your Sermon! I though to myself the Sermon?  Then I realized that Dr. Gunsaulus who needed the million dollars advertised what he wanted, he promoted his announcement, then presented his idea a week later in the sermon.   Transitioning to another thought  “I have never done a sermon” then the next link in my chain of though,  “You can do it,  and to test your idea , you  must do it.” Then I questioned “will this develop into the two things I want?”   With resolute determination  I am going to give it a try.  Consider this my sermon in a Blog – O -mentary fashion.

All  writers know the best way to approach any project is to research first, thus I looked up the word “sermon” in the dictionary.  There were two definitions and this  one  seems to suit what I am looking for  . An often lengthy and tedious speech of reproof or exhortation.

Then I realized I needed inspiration.  How could I develop the mindset necessary to achieve the emotional impact I need?  What could breath into me the impassioned feeling necessary to guide me to success?  Ah Ha, Youtube came to mind.   I listened to a few sermons, each of them from different perspectives.  If your interested, these are the presentations I watched.  (1) (2.) (3). They are from different religious approaches and then I realized, I have to consider the other side,  so to achieve balance I watched an atheist view (4). I thought about this and considered,  a lack of religious persuasion does not eliminate kindness or caring for other another, and that is what the scanner and helping the Urban League is really all about, kindness and caring.

Sometime ago, I faced what I call the triple whammy.  Three things happened in rapid succession.  One of the things  that hit me was a very close friend died from cancer.  This lead me on a path that changed the things I do.   I started reading opposed to watching television.   Treatment modalities for cancer and the power of prayer became very interesting.  While researching this I started to notice some interconnected or crossed over research.

I discovered that a new wave in medicine is looking at what we don’t know or understand, including prayer.   Oh no, I said it.  How can you say prayer without saying GOD or at least considering that?   It seemed medicine was considering taking  a  new path to solutions by asking the ultimate questions. Why are we here? What are we?  This was not happening at the University of Tiny Town, these studies and considerations are taking place a Salk Institute.  ( ESP Enigma, by Dr. Diane Hennesy Powell)

From the days of Socrates,  there has been an unanswered reverberating question.   Is there life after death and thus is there a  God?    I think there is value in reviewing  in Plato’s work “Apology”, documenting  the trial of Socrates, some 2000 plus years ago.  Plato  related  Socrates stated at his trial,  if at his death he goes to heaven , great!   If he entered is a state more restful than one without a dream he is also fine with that.  Clearly he considered  a future based upon both possible outcomes.

Back to the question, why are we here?  Recently I read a book by an Dr. Jeffery Long a radiation oncologist, titled “Evidence of the Afterlife.” Dr. Long’s work is based upon Near Death Experiences, and is approached in a very scientific manner.   He closely evaluates pro and cons and all possible scientific aspects he can see.  It’s stated we know more about near death experiences than we do cancer!  For those that would like to see Dr. Long and a few other medical doctors on this subject, I offer these links. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) When this evidence is accepted as scientifically significant, and thus determined to be true,  think how it will  shake the bedrock of philosophy and religion.  This will eliminate one of  Socrates two possible end of life outcomes.  The world will no longer be flat.  The first step of science is to consider theories possible, and then move to proof, be it positive or not.

Let’s fall back in history a little bit.  To make a point, please allow me to point to a woman who almost everyone will  know  Helen Keller.   She was the subject of the movie the “Miracle Worker”.   When interviewed  about death and heaven she stated, and I quote;

“Do you believe in life after death? ” I asked “Most certainly,” she said emphatically. “It’s no more than passing from one room to another.”    Suddenly, Helen spoke again.  Slowly and very distinctly she said. “but there’s a difference for me, you know.  Because in that other – room- I shall be able to see.” Reference page 297

OMG.  This statement made by Miss Keller some 60 years before, “Evidence of the Afterlife”  was published,  appears  to be an accurate  precognitive vision.  Was part of what Dr. Long documented known  to be true, to Helen?   When interviewing blind people who have experienced a  (rush to the light) Near Death Experience,  they state they can see!  How did Helen know this to be true? Video reference of a Blind Person noting visual abilities during an NDE (1)

It is very hard to set aside the scientific necessity to continue a search for answers, it is one of the things that makes us human.  Is not eternal life part of the basic premise of all religions?   Are we human beings or are we “Spiritual Beings” in a human existence?  I don’t know if it is worth arguing with 90 percent of the religious people on the planet who believe in their version of God.

One portion of the Near Death Experience that is very interesting is Life Review.   Just one  of the frequently recounted aspects of the NED is  that you  see your life played back.  This theme has been repeated time and time again by Hollywood.  But they leave out an aspect that I found revealed in four books. (1) (2) (3) (4) books.  The aspect that when you review  your life you empathtically feel the emotions (the whole range of emotions)  of  other people, yes, you feel your interactions from their perspective.  This could give a whole new meaning to the golden rule. Here is a, video of one person that became well know as a result of multiple near death experiences.   Life Review  is in no way is limited to this one recanted event, but Dannion Brinkly has a special way of relating the story.

So here an interesting  question.  Is  the aspect of Life Review  a scientific, religious and philosophical possibility worth considering?  Should we ask if there is any possibility that when  life ends we “Rush to the Vault” to count our assets instead of the Light,  or if we should consider more strongly the possibility that we are spiritual beings here on a quest  to perfect the human existence.  Is this a grand stage to play out the possibility we can overcome greed?  Is the real value in our human existence the small things we do for others.?  Have you heard of the “Blue Ribbon Story?” Do small things make giant differences?

As the Sermon comes to its end, and we contemplate destiny and if it can be manifest, we must realize that the absolute and truthful answer may only come when we are gone from this earthly existence.  As we ponder the aspects of  life review as related in the stories I present   should we  consider  that  now is the time to come to each others aid?  Would there not be great glee in the satisfaction of knowing we acted in good faith for others, not only now, but in our Life Review?    I believe it  entirely possible  we need not give anything more than co operation,  understanding,  and something we can not take with us to the LIGHT, a little of our earned efforts.   Earned efforts  we have expressed in man’s creation called money.  In my heart of hearts I believe we rush to the light, not the vault.

With deep gratitude, I thank you for your time and consideration of evaluating this request for help, and my unorthodox but  possibly satisfying reason to commit to helping.    Who will step forward, join us hand in hand, lead us to success?  We lack all of the resources necessary to achieve the goal without you.   Can you take the first step towards cooperation?  My hand is out stretched to you!

All marketing done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing.

Good night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

Ultra secret message for Mrs. Kalabash’s eyes only.

This Blog – O- Mentary was written by

George Kenner, Broker Associate Keller Williams, Ca. Lic  Number 01229951 619-723-5714 –


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