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February 18, 2011

No “Room to Move” and Short Sale Wars, the Rest of my Day, and don’t forget the scanner!

Today was quite a day,  filled with activity.   I am still looking for the single unifying TOPIC that brings the “Major Banks” to understand the needs of our Community.   Yes,  I am still in search of  support  from the Banks and don’t forget the   scanner (see story below) for the HUD Counselors at the Urban League.   I think I may have made some headway with MR. B today.   We have to think with collective resolve,  to fix housing.   Should we find this resolve,  I believe the rest of economy will follow.   And if I am wrong at least we will have tried to help one another through the Urban League.   Bankers are not worried about checking accounts it’s the “Mortgage Situation” that has them scared, and the HUD Counselors are a grossly under used tool.  That is why I am using ” Willful- Conscience – Intent” to invoke providence to  give them a scanner.

In another story, today while deep in negotiations with Ana she told me there was no “room to move” she had given all she could.   This comment mentally launched me to my early adolescence.  and I thought of John Mayall.  Now that was Blues Rock!

Returning from my sojourn,  into the past,  I  pointed out to Ana’s associates, she had in fact accepted less, last time we were at the table before the buyer had to back away.  So is Ana a shark in pool of water,  where blood was just dropped in?   Well my daddy taught me not to play any game with a man who has nothing to lose.  Why? Because he has nothing to lose, he is dangerous and playing without RISK!

Today was also a Task Force meeting.  I have to tell you this is one of the most satisfying professional endeavors I have yet to become involved in.  The CA. Association of Realtors support staff is the BEST.   I never realized just how lucky Realtors in California are to have this level of support.   And that is not to mention the other Realtors who have been serving for years. These experienced pros  are doing the community a great service.  More on that later.

And to cap the day.  I was able to align with another Keller Williams Broker , The Ballen Group, in Las Vegas  ( Welcome Lori and staff).  Las Vegas has been hit a little harder than San Diego with falling property values.   I am going to do a feature article with them in the near future.  After all,  we have bankers , Realtors and clients reading from all over the United States, we should share perspectives from different areas and other points of view.  The real short sales experts will tell you no two transactions are the same.


good night Mrs. Kalabash Where ever you are.

stealth message for Mrs. Kalabash , not for your eyes!

George Kenner, Broker Associate Keller Williams Realty. Ca. Lic 01229951 – 619-723-5714


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