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February 11, 2011

The Administration Lays out the Program to Take Apart Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, OBAMA the HOUSING SLAYER?

I can hear the arguments now.   It will go something like this, ” The Same Administration that can not make HAMP an HAFA work are planning to revolutionize the Housing Market.”    But then there will be those see this to be the silver bullet to the “vampires heart” that put us in this economic crisis.  Which will it be?  This marks day one , of the biggest political battle,   this Administration has embarked on.

The comments and questions are flying all over the Realtor Cell Phone Network.   Is this being done to save Health Care? That is just  one of the things I have already heard from another Politically active Realtor.   Thus far the response I have heard can be summarized into, you got to be kidding.

I got to admit on question made me wonder, will this be the loss where health care was considered the win?  One thing that is for sure,  “CHANGE” has arrived.  Now will “HOPE” drive this thought to reality.  Only time will tell.   Read the entire Treasury Proposal – program here!

I posted this article at about 8:30am today,   by 2:00pm the California Association of Realtors posted this response.    (read the Car Press Release here)

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