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February 9, 2011

What do HAMP HAFA -Napoleon Hill, A Prayer , A Dream, A Scanner, CRA, An Foreclosure have in Common?

IMPORTANT:  I am not in London that bulk  e mail that appeared to be from me,  was a scam… See Blog entry below for details.

Life is really no more than a culmination of all of our collective memories, which we utilize as guidelines to either build or protect our self from the future.  Philosophical maybe, factual certainly but where am I going,   I am going to the future that I make.  This became abundantly clear after reading “Think and Grow Rich” Read the entire book free at this link. This classic work about life and possibly the best motivational literature ever published.  I think this  because  it is full of stories of kindness and generosity.   I found the  over arching theme of this book to be,  you get back what you give,  this is not and idea,  it a law of nature.

So now let’s jump to the dream.   Some “mind masters” say dreams are projection of what is to come, precognitions, or embedded thoughts from spirit guides.  Which is it? if either, I got no clue.   But I do have a dream to share.   Here  is what I saw one night while in slumber.   I was taking a picture of “Several Bankers”  who were donating some badly needed office equipment to the San Diego Urban League and a few other Community groups that are doing HAMP out reach work,  for FREE  as a SERVICE to the entire community.    I needed the picture to post on my blog so I could demonstrate that BANKS know they are not the “banking community” they are just part of the overall community.  Also  in many ways  they are one of the strongest Community Leaders, we should all respect.

I think the reason the dream was inspired is ,  I   recently  aided Henry Miles the Program Director at the Urban League with a Loan Modification.  The problem was that this man had been making his payment and had the canceled checks to prove it.  But bad communication, misunderstanding, hazy rules,   well bottom line,  I used a few e mail mail addresses I have and next thing you know the file had been escalated.   In banks terms escalated mean “Ugh Oh”  this is not good, we may have screwed up, people are watching.

Now, If the Urban League had a multi page document scanner they could have in real-time sent the proof of these checks to Banks Loan Mod Department.   Oh did I mention this was a Fannie Mae Loan where a short sale has been mandated?   Well it was.  We as taxpayers have loaned Fannie Mae billions of $$ and they have set the rules for their loans, but they are not being followed.   YES, a scanner could have helped.

In the years, I was in Banking our leaders were always looking to support the community.  Little League Teams, Community Fairs, Non Profit housing agencies.  But today Banking  Leaders are fighting all the bad press that is developed by Foreclosures and poor Serving Practices after we bailed them out.  I think they are distracted from helping.   I think now is the time Banks really need to step back into the Community and support the same groups that used to depend on them.  It is not like they can not buy a scanner, one of our Community Banks made 4.8 billion $ is just one quarter.

David and Goliath, should I load a rock in my sling shot and shoot at the Banks?     I don’t think so,  I going to go back to Napoleon Hill, he tells a story about  a million dollars and a school (read the story here) and what I will call a prayer.  Some of you may remember the story of Dr. Gunsaulus and Phillip D. Armour and the school that still stands  Illinois Institute of Technology. Dr. Gunsaulas had more than just an idea or dream,  he entered into a realm of “vision”.   Well,  I have a vision and it’s lots cheaper it’s a SCANNER FOR THE URBAN LEAGUE.   But something more important than a scanner I  envision,  reestablishment of the principles behind the Community Reinvestment Act. The idea of CRA was to meet the credit needs of the Community. You know, for the guy that needed a break.  Well let me tell you something, after the boom days we are in the foreclosure days, and there are some guys out there that could use a break.    In my opinion it  is time for BANKS to again become familiar with the under staffed over worked organizations like the Urban League, The Housing Opportunity Collaborative and Community Housing Works and lend them the hand that is in their best own interest.  Foreclosure hurts us all, including Banks and the investors they represent.

Now is the time to go to the MEDIA and say we are one Community and we are fed up with a slumping economy.  We the Banks here making a gift, that not only helps our community,  it will save us money, so we can  loan more money to companies that need to borrow money, so they can hire more people.  Frankly I am tired of seeing Loss Mitigation being a growth industry.

I have learned all things do not come true, take for instance  Mrs. Kalabash being anywhere I can find her,  well,  if this is a failing idea I will ask “Providence for only one more favor.  That favor will be,  it  inspire  MR. B to escalate just one of my clients transactions, so I may earn the money to gift the scanner to  the Urban League.  I am not only willing but able to work.  I have some files impacted in your system that are just floundering.  Can you help me, so I can help my community.

Please if you’re a Banker, Government Official, Community or Business leader, Indian Chief, Bottle Washer,   Title or Escrow Company Executive or anyone else who generates a living from Real Estate please consider making a contribution to your favorite HUD Housing Counselor office.   Get active, it’s OUT REACH TIME NOW!  How embarrassing it would be to have someone from another industry lead us out of this when Banking has the most highly paid CEO’s  in the world.   Ask how you can help.  Write to your Congressmen and Senator even the President and tell them now is the time.  Share this Blog entry with others.

One way or another the Urban League is going to get a scanner.  Bankers are smart people,  as are other Real Estate Professionals they know time to correct this lack of community support is long over due.  If you want to do something and show the community we are “United” let me know I have a few ideas on how to make this a winning proposition for everyone.  What will it be Mr. B?  or Mrs. P.  or Mrs. G  Escalate files so I can buy it or come to the Rescue, Frankly I would rather have you at the party, I hear you all very photogenic.

THIS HAS BEEN POSTED 216 HOURS AND NOT ONE BANK HAS OFFERED UP A SCANNER … And Trust Me they Know this is here… We had record Hits Yesterday at and here at the BLOG.   It took  Dr. Gunsaulus in the story mentioned above one week to get the Million $… I am patient!

George Kenner, Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty,  Ca. Lic. 01229951

All marketing done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing

Good Night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.

Someone told me all my secret messages to Mrs. Kalabash say I love you, what do you think?

(this is must see, if you’ve lost touch with your heart if you have to sit through a 30 second commercial its worth it! Could it include a Foreclosure? Does Foreclosure shatter the American Dream?  I think so and I am a proud to  be a dreamer!


There are 7 Million Properties in default.  7,000,000 Feet divided by 5280 Feet (number of feet in a mile) will result in a single file line as long as the state of California.   Making a number problem visual, will lead to a resolution to any problem. read our Blog!  We make things visual.

Special Thanks to Liliana, for the help with my interviews!


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  1. Hello Mr. Kenner.

    Thanks for this great article. I love Think and Grow Rich, too. I do especially like the story of Dr. Gunsaulus raising a million dollars within a week. His million dollar sermon must have impressed Mr. Armour a lot.

    With this in mind I am sure that you will get a scanner and what else you need and desire, soon.

    Good luck.

    Comment by Rick — February 9, 2011 @ 10:38 am | Reply

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