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February 5, 2011

Darrell Issa Speaks on HAFA, Right or Wrong you be the Judge, IS HAMP TOAST ?

Congressman Issa and his office know the pain of the community, I know as I have worked with  the people he represents and his staff members.  They have gone through the very difficult Loan Mod Process, and heard the nightmares more than once.    Listen to this video and tell me,  personally I think this Leader is looking for some solutions.  As one of my friends has told me the political process is like making sausage.  First you put all the ingredients in the bowl, then you grind the “mixings” and then you stuff the sleeve, and then you look at the magic of the new law.  Let’s see what he has to say…I think we are going to see some new sausage in a few months.

As if that was not enough now listen to a just slightly more recent hearing with the TARP Inspector General, and Congressman Mike Turner, this may be a good reason to approach your problem now! You may not want to risk losing the benefits,  if this program is repealed.     If HAMP is taken apart Supplement Directive 09 -09 (R) Hafa will go with it…Right?  Call your Congressman and make sure!

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