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February 1, 2011

Nearly 11 Percent of Houses Empty, According to Census

Consumer confidence is in my opinion about half of the driven consumption factor in the market.  When do I get my feet wet and why is always a big diver to the market.   Investors want the best deal and to buy at the bottom of the market.   As I have seen the real estate market move over the last 20 years the investors spirit can start or stop on a dime.  When the market moves so does the lending.   Because of this,  I watch the news that could send the investor flying into action.  While I was reading today looking for that news, I saw this article by Diana Olick a real estate reporter with industry respect.  This article is more full of facts that opinions and a government published fact is the title line, and it is a attention grabber.


Instead of repeating the Census  Report I say just look at the article  linked above.  Then quickly get to the bottom of the page and see the most recent secret message, is the message more important than this news?

All Marketing done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing

“Good night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.”

The secret message, to Mrs. Kalabash? Maybe!

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  1. Potatoes being thrown into the river during the great depression to keep potato prices artificially high, anyone?

    Your RSS feed is listed on swarm the banks.

    Comment by Alessandro Machi, Los Angeles, CA — February 1, 2011 @ 7:54 am | Reply

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