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January 18, 2011

Depression? New Numbers are in, 53 Total Months of Falling House Prices

This is a good interview.  Mr. Sharga is a very respected  NUMBERS professional.  His company sells data is a top source for finding Foreclosure information by Realtors.  He makes a few conclusions that think could be challenged.  We are hearing the number of foreclosures 90 days late or more is 7 million. In the announcement President Obama  made to the public, ( posted below)  used the figure of 6 million, that was a year ago and the number is rising.

The issue with this is  not a few million homes in foreclosure,   the problem is the NUMBER is not visual.  To put the scope of the problem in context is hard,  but in the next few days, I plan on doing just that.  I will make the 7 million number visible, you will be able to close your eyes and see it.    I am also going to  show you all how to share it, with our top elected official.    If your a Real Estate Professional, I am even going to share an idea to make the issue come to the forefront of political issues,  so there is some meaningful action.

Mr. Sarga,  in a very fair manner, relates what he is being told all over the country,  that being, people are being foreclosed upon while they are in the process of a Loan Modification.   This of course skips the HAFA short short sale option we have been promised. Should we be happy with this?  I think not. Youtube has taken to making us watch a short ad, but this interview is worth a short ad.  If the link says “embedding disabled” just click “Watch on U Tube” .

Here is the link to the story that says prices have fallen for 53 months more than in the Great Depression. (click here for the link to MSM  CBS NEWS ARTICLE) Now this is just me but I think once you see this 7 million number and impact made visual you may what to say Depression also.   I think it is high time,  we  come to the meeting with the truth.  Things are still messed up and what we have done is not making it better.

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