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January 11, 2011

Why Plug the hole in Hafa and the Number of Looming Foreclosures at 7 million

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I was just asked for this video again and I promised to post the link.   My clients are asking  on a more and more frequent basis why things are not working out as the President said they would.

I am not going to blabber on about HAMP and HAFA and the short comings. Don’t take it from me,  listen to the plan… and if your received those results  I am happy for you.  If you have not it’s time to speak out.  Write letters to the President and ask for the HAMP and HAFA.    I bet he is really upset only 400 people received HAFA results after one year, that is just a few short of his million expectation.  Read the CAR open letter for numbers clink (HERE) When I see a written response to the letter from any of the addressed parties I will post it as fast as I can.

I believe  if  even half of what the President projected, had come to pass, irrespective  of political party affiliation, our race, creed or color, or any other preference we have, our country would be in better shape.

The bottom line is what are we doing with this plan to make it work and who is running it?   Who is responsible for the success or failure and when is accountability going to be present?   Americans want to know…, well at least this American does.   How do I help my President deliver on his words?  I don’t want to hurt my fellow citizens I want to forestall the 7 million looming foreclosures. All of the property put on the market that is now in a normal foreclosure process,   spells disaster for our economy.  FIX HAFA NOW!

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  1. If Barack Obama helped lure homeowners into a taxpayer funded government program, and those homeowners were first subjected to lower credit scores and parallel foreclosure before they could even apply for HAMP, doesn’t that make Barack Obama a gangster? A bankster gangster?

    A poker faced gangster who may have violated the federal Hobbs act, the extortion clause?

    Comment by SWARM the BANKS — January 11, 2011 @ 5:01 am | Reply

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