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October 28, 2010

Bank of America is Trying! Short Sale Resourse Center

Bank of America Short Sale System

Bank of America is reaching out to Realtors and their clients’ trying to improve the Short Sale System.  And in some cases it is working, I know I deal with these people on a daily basis.    If you click on their banner at the top of the page you will see a short Video done by one of the Sr. VPs in charge of implementation of this division of the Loan Servicing Unit. He is a decent guy, he has a good reputation among the professional Realtors that specialize in Short Sales,  Matt  is one of the professionals that is really trying, just like TK, Donald and Kim other committed Bank of America Staff members.

His comments are mostly on point especially the part about their attempts to improve.  I also agree that experience in this phase of the industry is important.   But I disagree with using the term “partner” when addressing real estate professionals.   I am an advocate for my client, my client selects me not the Bank.  I owe a duty to my client first and foremost.  I have a commitment to fair dealing but the homeowner or buyer is my client.   I will not being calling the Bank my partner because they are not.  Unless I am selling their Bank owned Properties and they are not quite knocking on my door to do that. yet?  Partner  sounds pretty but it’s not the way I approach my business dealing with the banks.

In many cases Bank of America  outsources their HAFA transactions to companies , like Promiss Solutions,  Moss Codelis, UTLSHAFA, AMS and others.  They all have access to Equator which still has problems.  Navigating that system can be complex and difficult at times.  What I am saying is, established contacts within the Bank and it’s systems can make a difference to you.  No,  it will make a difference to you, it is already making a difference for my clients.

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