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October 26, 2010


I am asked all the time about Training Certificates for Realtors and the need for the Certs.  I think  the two tier licensing system that the  State of California uses there are some great protections.  Brokers are required to have more professional experience and education related to our industry.  Most Brokers are working full-time at their profession.   The reality is that some Realtors are trying to break into a hard industry and are not conducting daily client activities.

Recently the President of the San Diego Association of Realtors was quoted in the San Diego news paper that Short Sales were not for the inexperienced.  With that I agree.  In fact from time to time very important training comes along.  Our industry changes all the time, HAFA is just that type of change, and although you can in some cases train yourself, well, how many people really ever read the Ca. Civil Code.  Dry reading?

The California Association of Realtors, reviewed and Certified the HAFA training by Asset Plan USA, and if you read the credentials of the people that wrote the training, you will understand why they were selected.   In fact it is my understanding that about 4000 agents now have received this training.  So when you see this logo, it  means one thing at a minimum.  The Realtor invested in his and his clients future.   We post this Logo & LINK at our information site  We believe it is important not only our clients see it, but fellow professionals see it.  We think industry participation is more of a telling sign  of profession expectation but training is very important in the world today.  What can the agent your selecting tell you about HAFA Short Sales and how long has he been in the industry… Time , time time , time on your side yes it is.                  Look for this logo

George Kenner, Broker Associate, Ca. Lic.# 01229951 (619) 723-5714

“Good Night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are.”


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