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March 9, 2010

Short Sales are Going to Be Controled by HAFA

The “Short Sale” story is continuing and the main stream media is following the action.  In just the last few days what has been known to the Real Estate Industry since October of 2009 is now working its ways into print and our computer screens.  The news is all centered on the “HAFA” Program.  (link to offical document)

HAFA will go into effect on April 05, 2009 and the major Banks are all preparing to deal with the program.  The important protocols  are,  all mortgages  will be evaluated for a loan modification and if that is not possible they will be offered and opportunity to short sell their property.

Ten of the most popular questions about HAFA / HAMP  have been posted at and the answers to the program are taken right from  Supplemental Directive 09 -09 that are the rules written by the Treasury Department.  There are also some news links about the HAFA program at this  ( news link ) I have found that links to the media are very valuable to people that are evaluating the program.  Mistrust is running rampant with all the hollow promises / or statements of things are getting better.   I have seen some bright rays but when your losing your home or are dealing with a situation that you had no way of seeing coming you want one thing,  the TRUTH.  Now that I think about it you may want two thing, the second being, the help of the professionals at Short Sale Nurse. Com

 Article was written by George Kenner , Lic. 01229952

All Markeing is done with the assistance of Kalabash Marketing.

good night Mrs. Kalabash where ever you are!


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