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August 7, 2009

Does Congressman Issa See A Mouse on the Cheese ?? Our San Diego Congressman wants to see the records for the Countrywide VIP LOAN PROGRAM

cheeseCongressman Darrell Issa from San Diego County is hot on the trail of Bank of America and Countrywide wanting to see the records of the  VIP Program that some Senators, Congressman and other public officials took advantage of during the hay day of the housing market.


According to the Wall Street Journal Congressman Issa is being blocked by a Congressman that was able to benefit from the VIP Program.  It seems unsual that someone who was involved in the VIP Program would be in a position to stop the public viewing of this information.

Congressman Issa seems to be very interested in true housing reform and looking for methods to change market conditions in San Diego County.  Our foreclosure rate is at all time highs and only the lower end of the market is showing any growth.  You can search public records for Notices of Default, Trustee Sale Dates and Foreclosures right HERE.

If you condemn or commend Congressman Issa is up to you but to me it looks like he is trying to do the research the public is interested in having and making the results  public.  From most logical standpoints to prevent the repeat of the past we must at a minimum understand what happened.   Here is a link to Congressman Issa’s web site so you may leave him a comment about your view of his actions.  Or better yet call his office in Vista, Ca.  at 760-599-5000


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