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June 23, 2009

A Little Empathy, Advertising for Short Sales

Marketing is part of what we do but is there any reason to lose compassion?  I am going to share this story because it is the right thing to do.  Today I went to a listing presentation and was complemented by the future seller of the property for being understanding. The marketing piece I sent was “ Short Sale Specific” but it did not announce that I discovered  he was in trouble with his own mortgage payments , let alone that his “Notice of Default had been filed by the lender.   As many of you know that is a required document to be filed with the County where you live.  This is how lenders, investors and Realtors come to learn about a client’s possible needs.


Instead I always ask if the person I am mailing to knows of anyone in trouble.  Why would I want anyone’s friends, parents, or children seeing that they have a problem and that they are doing the best they can do to handle.  If I don’t  address them specifically (by name)  in  my marketing  they have a plausible deniability.  I say let the people hold their pride, being late on your bills can be devastating to someone who has gone years with perfect credit, only to be swept up in this economic disaster.


Not everyone that gets a “Notice of Default” has the inability to make good on their debts.  This is one of the best reasons that President Obama’s “Foreclosure Alternative Plan” makes so much sense.  It encourages people to go try and work out the problem now before  it is to late to get any help.


I encourage my fellow professionals to consider who they are mailing official looking notices to and announcing that they are “IN DEFAULT”.   People will still do business with you if you don’t scare them.  In fact you may find that even more people will do business with you if your really looking out for them.


George Kenner is a licensed California Real Estate Broker with 19 years of industry experience.


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