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June 14, 2009

How to treat our Clients

I was recently asked by a fellow agent how to approach a client who has had a “notice of default” file against their home as the first step of foreclosures. There was not a nano second that passed in my thought process until my one word answer was formulated, the word was respect. Approach your clients with respect.

Our unemployment rate in California is at or approaching 10 percent, in many communities . There are rumors and threats that even our State Employees are at risk of losing their jobs. Teachers, fire fighters and other public employees are worried. The point here is that good people who want to work and pay their bills on time, just can not do it in this economy. Think of those in the automotive business, that have been down sized or removed. These were hard working people that kept our communities moving.

My peers and I are exposed daily to just this type of situation. It is not unusual to hear a story where someone has not made their house payment for several months and then finally the “Notice of Default” arrives and they are informed of the legal rights and the terms in the “Trust Deed” that allow for foreclosure.

The good news is our demands to our Government are being listened to at least in some regards. They are trying to slow the process of a falling economy. There efforts coupled with industry will pull us out of this spiraling whirlpool into a depression.

The idea of short sales as presented by the Treasury I believe is a good idea. This Foreclosure Alternative Plan, allows for a smoother transition for families that can no longer meet the same level of financial obligation that they had previously. It treats people with more respect and understanding and in some cases my allow people another opportunity to catch up on their mortgage.

One or the reasons residential construction is down to the levels it is because it is less expensive to buy a home an existing home than it is to build new. As soon as the demand rises we will be back on the path to a more solid economy. Short Sales and Foreclosure will be a thing of the past. I will tell you this Real Estate Broker / Realtor is looking forward to the day that my clients more secure in their homes.

The answer to the question is still treat your clients with respect, aid them with their needs and point them in the direction that the best information points. Today without more changes in the law “Short Sale” looks like it could be the best direction.


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